New app could prevent death and injury of some children

James Peyton of Perth Australia is seeking $30,655 (USD) in pledges by March 19 to launch his new app concept which he calls “just a second.”

“Our project aims to develop an app that will prompt users with a few simple and quick questions when they get into their car,” Peyton said. “The app will ask them how many of their children are in the car. If they’re not all there, the app will ask if the driver knows where they are.”

As the app will be designed to activate when the parents enter their vehicle, it will be developed from near-field-communication (NFC) technology, like that embedded in no-contact credit cards.

“It would be great if cars already had a built-in feature like this, and perhaps they will in the future,” Peyton said. “In the meantime, we can’t stand by and do nothing. Almost everyone has a smart phone and NFC technology is cheap enough that the app will be affordable for anyone who wants to use it.

When a Low Speed Vehicle Run-over (LSVR) occurs, the driver is usually the parent or someone the child knows. They occur most often at the end of the work week.

Peyton said the apps purpose is to “prevent something no parent should ever have to experience; a collision with a child in a driveway.”

“It sounds simple, and it is,” Peyton said. “But we believe that triggering people to take a second to think about where their children are will help reduce driveway deaths. By no means is this a silver bullet, but along with the array of technology available in cars today we think this will be a worthwhile contribution.”  

There are four levels of pledges with rewards in Peyton’s Kickstarter campaign, ranging in value from AU$ 10 (about $8 USD) and AU$ 50 (about $38 USD). The rewards include NFC tags that work with the app, key chains, and being named on the website.

Children aged 0-4 years accounted for 70 per cent of serious injuries related to LSVR in Australia between 2001-2010. 

“Unfortunately, the combination of their new-found ability to walk, short stature, curiosity of the world around them and naivety of danger can be a deadly combination,” according to Peyton. “Sadly, children aged 12-23 months are least likely to survive such an impact.”  

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