Fear of Gujarat Model being implemented in UP

The fortunes of the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati seems to be linked to the Muslim electorate. After years of drifting apart, Muslims are en masse returning to the BSP at the grassroots level. And the reason is simple. There is significant fear among the Muslim community about the Gujarat Model being replicated in Uttar Pradesh under a weak Akhilesh Yadav government, and the prospect of armed RSS squads burning Muslim businesses and forcing Muslims into refugee camps is looming on the horizon. BSP leaders are reminding audiences of the horrors  of the Gujarat Pogrom which saw widespread human rights abuses on a scale many have compared to the pogroms in Uganda under Idi Amin.

Rumor has it that a specific date has been decided for all Uttar-Pradesh riots on the model of the deadly Gujarat riots. The problem is that except for the top leadership of the saffron brigade, this and other details are unknown to the rank and file. Gujarati Muslims remember in chilling detail those three nights when the Gujarat police force was ordered off the streets to give a free land to mobs in khaki shorts brandishing swords and tridents and petrol soaked rags that were used to deadly effect, with countless crores worth of Muslim owned businesses burnt to the ground, children were burnt alive while their mothers were raped and video-taped, hacked to pieces and then set on fire. Akhilesh Yadav is considered a weak leader by the RSS, someone who is no match for organized might of thousands of RSS shakas all trained and armed. The BJP leadership considers Mayawati as the only real obstacle in Uttar Pradesh to implementing the Gujarat model. Law enforcement under Mayawati was the most stringent in the last 200 years according to many police officers including officers from Rajput and Jat communities.

A few months back Uttar Pradesh’s muslim community got a chilling sampler of what the RSS-BJP combine is capable of doing. RSS activists accused a muslim family of eating beef, and a RSS led mob of around 200 individuals dragged the head of the family out of the house, and smashed his head open with crowbars and rocks in front of his family. A few of the miscreants have been arrested, but they definitely will not be convicted because no one will dare come forward as witnesses. Political leaders of various political parties are all too aware that a state wide ‘surgical strike’ pogrom where muslim families would be targeted all over Uttar Pradesh on the same night would overwhelm police forces into total helplessness and would create enough terror to make everyone in UP get on their knees in front of the RSS-BJP. Muslim leaders have woken up to the danger hanging over them and have come to the conclusion that Mayawati is the only leader with the guts and nerves to handle domestic terrorism of the Dadri model that Akhilesh simply did not have the courage to handle.

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