Sensual vocalist and creative producer joins hands to create exceptional Jazz/Lounge CD

Fans guaranteed to enjoy music with great sound, beautiful harmonic and vocal that bring love and happiness

Nothing But You announces the release of their physical CD titled “Meant to Be” under their Phoenix Records label. The CD consists of 12 tracks including Lost Without your Love, My Foolish Heart, A Song For You, Cry Me A River, Dream and others which has generated over 160,000 plays on SoundCloud account in just 7 days. Nothing But You offer ambient lounge music that takes advantage of Nicky’s unique voice to create a new artistic expression that combines Rock, Soul, and Jazz. Nicky, along with her producer and friend Phill are destined to make fans happy, by delivering expressional and soul lifting music. Learn more about them and their music by visiting Fans can buy their CD on, iTunes, CDBaby, and other places.

“I have always wanted to use my music to change the world and make people happy. I believe the ‘Meant to Be’ CD has all it takes to do all that and more. I love the comments I have been getting from people, especially lovers of Jazz and Blues. Phill and I encourage everyone to listen to our songs and buy our CD. It is a refreshing and creative take on a music genre that has always delivered peace to humanity,” said Nicky.

Nothing But You consists of Nicky, an exceptional vocal talent and Phill and musical genius with many years’ experience producing jazz, rock, nova, soul and reggae music. The combination of Nicky’s voice and Phill’s talent is the secret behind the creation of the kind of exceptional music found on the Meant to Be CD. Nothing But You offer the world the kind of music that deliver love, great harmonic, peace, gorgeous piano, amazing voice, and love to the ears of the listeners.

“First time I listened to Nicky’s ‘Lost Without Your Love,’ I immediately fell in love with her voice. She sounds very talented, and of course, the piano play too is out of this world. I see an artist with something special to offer in a world filled with negative music. Jazz and blues lovers who want to immerse themselves in true love will find this CD worthy,” said Marco M, a fan.

About Nothing But You
Nothing But You is a San Francisco music project and artistic endeavor blending ambient coloring with a loungy flavor. It consists of Nicky, a vocal talent, and Phill, the producer, combining their efforts to create a beautiful sound collage of Rock, Soul, and Jazz. For more information, please visit their official website at

Media Contact
Company Name: Nothing But You
Contact Person: Kiyomi Ishii
Phone: 650-867-4056
Country: United States