Skip the Flowers – send Walker Shoes instead!

It’s time to change the way you think of “Get Well Soon.”

A family in Texas has invented a product that turns the use of a walker or crutches into a smile and possibly even a fashion statement. Flowers and balloons have long been the staple of the “Get Well Soon” $1.8 billion industry.   By focusing on the spirit of the patient, Hip Gliders achieves something that a bouquet of flowers just can’t do – help patients recover. They create a lasting positive impact on someone during their recovery by adding a small human touch to a traditionally cold medical device.

Like glasses, a walker or crutches are often the first thing you see. A mobility aid can immediately cause us take an empathetic view and, unknowingly, give off an unhealthy energy.   Hip Gliders works to increase confidence in not just the patient, but those around them as well by changing the visual of the device long after they leave the ER.

Walkers and crutches are an essential part of the recovery process – so why not make them fun. Complete with a set of tennis shoes, cat paws, and duck feet, the Hip Gliders’ closet is ready to greet a world that desperately needs a smile.

The company launched at first of the year and is already gaining interest from insurance providers retirement centers, and hospitals.  The patent pending design is cleverly simple and effective.

About Hip Gliders:

Hip Gliders is a family company in Texas changing the way people think of “Get Well Soon” gestures.  A new product with a clean and unique design adds a human touch to a walker or crutches and achieves a simple, but daunting, task of get patients in hospitals or rehab centers to smile.

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