Health And Wellness Enterprise Introduces Organic Early Baby Gender Prediction Solution

Riverview, FL – Health and wellness enterprise, Organic Gender, announce that they are re-launching their organic early baby gender prediction solution. This solution enables parents accurately predict what gender their baby is as early as nine weeks into pregnancy.

“You are having a baby! This is one of the most exhilarating and life-changing moments you will encounter in life,” an Organic Gender spokesperson said. “One of the most important questions a parent has is whether it is a boy or girl. The gender prediction system on offer is patent pending, interactive and all natural way of discovering the gender of that baby growing inside you. This is without a need for invasive and expensive tests. With this method, parents can watch their baby’s gender grow right in front of their eyes, long before he or she is even born.”

With this method, a parent need not wait for the ultrasound that can only take place eighteen to twenty weeks into the pregnancy. With the kit available with this method, you can begin the process during the ninth week of pregnancy, although the best results begin to appear during the eleventh week. Many parents prefer the gender to come as a surprise. However, many others would prefer to know in advance. This way, they can begin connecting with their baby through choosing a name, nursery decoration, and purchasing of the right baby items. For the pregnant mother, the choice rests in wishing to remain ignorant of the baby’s gender and therefore remaining unprepared. For those who celebrate the advantage of prior knowledge, they should go for this natural, informative, and fun organic gender test kit.

The system with this method is urine based and is so simple that it is carried out at home. It rests on an ancient method that goes back thousands of years. It involves planting two types of seeds, and if the woman is pregnant, hormones present in her urine stimulate the seeds to grow. Whichever of the seeds that grow faster and stronger determines whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. Since this baby organic gender prediction system uses urine samples over a number of days, it gives more than one opportunity, for the capture of the real hormone balance, to the mother. This means the results have higher chances of gender prediction than other tests that simply rely on one moment for getting it right.

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