Lead-less Lithium Battery Technology has breakthrough in Cost to Compete with Lead Acid Battery

A new technology to lower the lithium battery cost is expected to be effected in mass production and completely replace Lead-acid Battery.

Recently QDIBBT of CAS, short for Qingdao Institute of Biochemistry & Bioprocess for China Academy of Science, announced the breakthrough in Leadless battery. Mr Chen Liquan, called as Father of Lithium battery, member of China Academy of Engineer, has guided hundreds of scientist working in this technology, under the support of lithium battery R&D and manufacturing institutes and companies. Now this new technology has been realized in Zinc-battery, Magnesium -battery and Lithium battery, while only Lithium battery reaches the terms for mass production.

This low cost leadless lithium battery, made by Flame retardant cellulose separator, low-cost carbon anode, fluorine -free lithium borate, also adopts new and efficient production technology. According to the calculation, now its product cost would be equal to Lead-acid battery, which now occupies 99% of China’s low speed electric bike/scooter market due to the high advantage in cost. 

Even though lithium battery has more priorities in energy efficiency and safety performance, and also its lifespan is twice as that of lead-acid battery, its growth was still restricted by the cost competition. Now that with this technology to lower its cost significantly, optimists assume that the 3 million tons of leads produced in lead-acid battery annually are expected to fall down swiftly.

Low speed electric bicycles and electric scooters has played an important role in China’s downtown and suburban area transshipment. At present, the majority of these Ebikes and E-scooters are using Lead-acid battery and these batteries were thrown away by random, making a hazard to environment. Only a few of the smart Ebikes have adopted lithium batteries. such as Onebot T8, by Shenzhen Concepts Wit Technology Co., LTD, using the top quality Panasonic 18650 2900PF power battery same as Tesla, is really concerned on the security and enjoyment of users.

The R&D team of T8 fully understands that a really qualified Ebike must be reliable in power, in motor driving, in security of sudden brake, turning direction, it must be comfortable for riding long distance, even by a 180kg big man. Thanks for the technology innovation in lithium battery,  Onebot T8 is expected to be more competitive in market soon. 

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