Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu) from Loyalty Network: to the interests of users, 100% real-name system is essential for Sharenplat

In the current entrepreneurial field, especially in those entrepreneurial projects aiming at acquiring users, the single cost for each registered user is about six or seven Yuan and it even surpasses 10 Yuan in some projects.

Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu) studied Finance, Management and Philosophy at New York University’s Stern School of Business. With an angel-round financing of 5 million USD, he founded the Shanghai Loyalty Network Technology Co. Ltd., (Loyalty Network) whose product Sharenplat pioneered the business model of an Sharenplat sharing economy platform where people can seamlessly and effortlessly share their available time, skills and resources.

In the entrepreneurial market with less user traffic and entrepreneurial projects’ stronger demands for users, a number of APPs make every attempt to lower users’ use threshold and try hard to drainage for retention rate improvement.
Entrepreneurs treat users carefully and fawningly. However, Shanghai Loyalty Network Technology Co., Ltd. (“Loyalty Network” hereinafter) attaches great significance to users, which is more practical. In its Sharenplat, all the users must comply with the 100% real-name system, which provides a safe and clean environment for users initially.

The vitality of enterprises bases on social values and users’ interests

“As for discussion of use threshold of Sharenplat users, the company has investigated and discussed for quite a long time. Finally, the company decided to conduct 100% real-name system on platform users. The reason why we made the decision is that we consider users’ interests.” – As claimed by the founder of Loyalty Network, Haojie Hu.

Sharenplat is a sharing platform that contains every aspect of users’ life and offers sharing and transaction of time, goods and skills. In other words, if you are a person with professional skills, you can provide your skills for exchange or sales and you can also offer a free lesson for children.

It is the same with time so you can attend an activity, a lecture, a group trip and so on, paid or unpaid. On the platform, users can exchange or sell their goods with others. In conclusion, all the resources related to users can be sold or exchanged on Sharenplat.

“When people have such exchange demands and they also provide their own skills to trade or exchange, the demands for resource sharing and economization are realized. Nevertheless, in the past, people could not imagine exchanging their professional skills with a stranger. The other party’s basic information and appearance could be false, so it was impossible for exchange behaviors to occur. Accordingly, we must make users comply with the authentication of 100% real-name system. Furthermore, we need to conduct authentication on each participant’s other aspects, including skill authentication, and bind with user’s personal reputation value (self-worth),” Haojie Hu emphasized.

Sharenplat aims at maintaining the society’s overall kindness and the majority’s interests. Our 100% real-name system’s original intention is the interpersonal mutual trust and reliance. We believe that under the macro environment, users are rational and everyone is responsible for his own behavior, which greatly decreases the survival risk in the society.”

Though real-name system may be rejected by some users, we believe that most users hope that the other party has conducted real-name authentication in actual sharing transactions with others mentioned above.

Self-worth on Sharenplat will become users’ credit pass on Internet

One of the most important factors why network mobs are hard to control is that legal responsibility is hard to implement at the technical level now and self-discipline is the only reliance. Such situation will be soon broken.

“Admittedly, there are always thieves even in civilized society and there are always some people with fluky psychological deception. On Sharenplat, a user is required to express his behavioral traits, including praise, activeness, real name, talent level, connections and calculative integration of other social reputation information, which finally constitute the comprehensive credit assessment system of Sharenplat. With the gradual popularization of Sharenplat, our user self-worth indexes will become the important measurement for user reputation assessment on Internet. All these factors are far more significant than traditional transaction assessment,” Haojie Hu believed.

In early stages, 10 million real-name users are better than 10 billion false users

On platforms without demands for 100% real-name authentication, on account of unqualified product capability, platforms can only turn a blind eye to information releasers in need of “data”. However, entrepreneurs still adopt these so-called user volumes to voice, which sufficiently demonstrates the impetuous degree of the current entrepreneurial market.

“We are quite clear about what our real-name threshold means but as for such a platform closely related to users’ life, trust is the first step. If users do not believe in your platform, all of your subsequent business imagination equals to zero. Thus, in early stages, we believe that Sharenplat with 10 million real-name users are better than those platforms with 10 billion users but countless false information. False information is more horrible than zombie fans, which can ruin all your prospects,” Haojie Hu believed.

On the way of entrepreneurship, every choice is either to accept or to reject. There are teams attaching more importance to the present while there are teams focusing on the future. Though groundwork is extremely difficult, such teams can have more subsequent explosiveness.

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