Carpet Cleaner In Sarasota FL Extend Carpet Cleaning Promotional Offer

Sarasota, FL – Sweeney Cleaning Co an award winning carpet cleaning company since 1984 and based in Sarasota, Florida, announces that they are extending their twenty percent off promotional offer for the next few weeks. The firm specializes in affordable and timely cleaning services and targets residential and commercial properties. It provides safe and effective cleaning solutions and methods for homeowners and local businesses.

“The methods we use are safe and effective for every type of area rug and carpet,” Jack Sweeney, a Sweeney Cleaning Co spokesperson, said. “Our cleaning technicians make sure a client’s carpet and rug does not soak and dries fast. Compared to other firms in the industry, our company does not use harsh chemicals on our client’s carpet. Our specially formulated solutions do not leave behind funny odors or cause color fading.”

For more than thirty years, Sweeney Cleaning has been offering business owners and residents around Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota counties professional cleaning services, including for oriental area rugs. The skilled crew has mastered superior cleaning solutions and methods that remove dirt hiding deep within the pile of a carpet or rug. Once such dirt is loosened from the pile, it is extracted fast, leaving the carpet clean. This leaves a carpet clean right down to its backing and not merely the visible surface. In addition, the technicians do not use steam or corrosive chemical treatments. They use eco-friendly and green cleaning solutions that leave a clean and fresh scent that pets and young children would be comfortable breathing around.

The method used in cleaning allows fast drying of carpets. This prevents over-wetting and development of mildew. The technicians do not run hoses outside a client’s building. This means other residents in high-rise buildings and condominiums are not affected. On offer to clients, besides carpet and rug cleaning, are various other services. These include air duct cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, paver cleaning, pressure washing, floodwater removal. In addition, other services include drapery, furniture, and upholstery cleaning services.

The firm has at their disposal modern equipment, transport vans, and their technicians are ever resplendent in company colors. They have requisite insurance coverage that protects the firm’s equipment, personnel, and client property against accidents, damage, and theft. They have the appropriate licenses certified by requisite federal, county, and state government agencies.

For more information regarding carpet cleaning and their other cleaning services, contact Sweeney Cleaning using the contact information listed below.

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Sweeney Cleaning Co is located at 4545 Mariotti Ct in Sarasota, FL (34233).

The company can be contacted via phone at (941) 921-5565 or at their website:

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