Formerly Disabled and Down With Depression, Saleem Juma Represents Washington States At The Next Mr. United States Competition

February 09, 2017 – Beating and rising above tough odds, Saleem Juma, rose from his limiting challenges, soared into success and now represents Washington State in the Mr. United States Competition. Saleem Juma is a clear proof that anyone who is determined can achieve any set goal. He once suffered from anxiety, depression and Ostomy bag attached to his stomach, but he with a positive mindset he was able to recover and get past all of that.

As a dreamer and goal driven person, Saleem Juma would later evolve into a full-time model, actor, and TV producer (Check out “Single Combat Reality TV Show”). For Saleem, he can achieve anything, exemplifying the American dream.

Saleem is an inspiring example of what the American dream can is designed to achieve, achieving success despite all odds, breaking off from the failures and setbacks to become happy and impactful.

Saleem Juma is taking  another step forward, shooting for glory as he represents the Washington State in the Mr. United States Competition in New Orleans this Summer. He strongly believes he has all it takes to shoot for the ultimate glory, make his family proud, make the people of Washington proud and ultimately become an inspiration.

To get through to the final stage of the competition and become the winner, Saleem would need support through votes.

“I hope to become a voice for everyone. I hope to become a voice for those with anxiety, depression and every dreamer out there that nothing is impossible. They can achieve their dreams in the face of the harshest and hardest of life’s challenges.” Says Saleem Juma

He says further, “I look forward to having immense support from everyone out there, this is definitely going to be a crown for everyone.”

Saleem Juma is in a movie coming out this summer called “Trackers.” He has done a lot of modeling (Columbia Sportswear, Lexus, Trojan, Microsoft, etc.). 

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Address:3202 226th Ave. SE Sammamish WA 98075
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