AFFILIATE MARKETING: Frank Ravanelli Shares his Affiliate Marketing Tips

LONDON – Affiliate Marketing has been growing in popularity and efficacy. On average, Affiliate Marketing accounts for 16% of the sales of online merchants, at par with email marketing. Any eCommerce business not monetizing what Affiliate Marketing can do, is leaving a pile of cash on the table, at the advantage of competitors. However, there are Affiliate Marketing best-practices that can be leveraged, and pitfalls to avoid.

Performance Marketeer Frank Ravanelli guides us through Affiliate Marketing on

According to Frank, “Affiliate Marketing is a business model, where a website which sells something online (merchant/advertiser) pays a promoter (affiliate/publisher) each and every time there is an agreed result (sale or lead) by a customer. The affiliate is given a unique url to use, that is how the merchant knows which affiliate brought the sale. Affiliate Marketing can be the most rewarding business activity you will ever do. The opportunities to learn, earn and improve are endless, because the markets are always changing. There are affiliates who scale-up quickly, I witnessed and contributed to the success of several affiliates who started as a one-person band, and scaled up very quickly to become corporations. However, this does require a lot of smart and determined work. I would not believe the people promising you’ll make thousands overnight, just by taking their course or buying their eBook. Results can be achieved, and many affiliates do turn affiliate marketing into their full-time passion. But you get what you give, there are no short-cuts.”

On Frank shows how Affiliate Marketing can be used to grow one’s income, business and career. He focuses mainly on how to become a successful affiliate, how to use Affiliate Marketing to bring sales, and the career options available in Affiliate Marketing. After many years in the industry, Frank is still very excited about it. He comments: “I started to do Internet marketing at a very young age, that was back in late 1995. I have been in Affiliate Marketing since 1999, I loved the opportunity to monetize my interest for books (with the Amazon Partner Program) and to write about free services (that were paying per lead). Then, I moved into the lucrative niche of eGaming, and I never looked back. On and readers can find more details about my background in affiliate marketing, plus affiliate marketing articles, tips and news.”

Frank Ravanelli being interviewed about Affiliate Marketing

With mobile still taking the world of eCommerce by storm, the closing gap between online and offline marketing, Virtual Reality and opportunities in relative new eCommerce markets like Brazil and Nigeria, Affiliate Marketing is here to stay and grow even more.

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