Rising Indie singer-songwriter launches new contest: The winner will help write a lead song for upcoming album!

Aussie Indie Folk Rock singer-songwriter Kev Nolan has come up with an exclusive contest that will offer the lucky winner to help the gifted artist in writing his a lead song for the upcoming album.

Brisbane, Australia – February 10, 2017 – All those who have always had the hidden desire to try their pen at music, the New Year has ushered in with a grand opportunity! Rising Aussie Indie Folk Rock singer-songwriter Kev Nolan has just launched a contest with a unique twist, unlike other regular contests that offer ideal materialistic gifts, this contest extends the rare opportunity to the lucky winner to co-write a lead song of Nolan’s upcoming album with the artist himself. The winner would be much welcomed to share their inputs on the style, direction and the theme of the track and also would be honoured with credits on the album.

Entitled  “All My Dreams”, this will be the second album from the talented artist’s arsenal, on the back of his first album “From Out of Nowhere”. The contest is designed to raise awareness for Nolan’s soon-to-launch crowdfunding campaign to finance his upcoming album.

“I am excited to bring to you an exclusive contest which will enable the lucky winner to help me in penning a lead track for my second album. It’s a lottery-style contest which implies that everyone participating would have the REAL opportunity to WIN! So, if you are looking for an opening to channelize your inner lyricist in a meaningful way, this contest could be the key for you, but don’t worry, if you don’t consider yourself a Lennon or McCartney, no sweat, I’ll carry you mantle & you just bask in The Glory”, smiled Nolan while announcing his new contest.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3 to enter the contest.

One would just go www.kevnolanmusic.com for the contest signup form. One would simply enter their first name and email in designated boxes and wait for the unique referral link that will arrive in your inbox. As you gets the link, you would simply share the contest page in social media among friends to earn points. The more points one receives, the better would be their chances to WIN & assist the very talented Nolan in one of his album’s lead song.

There is even an exclusive opportunity to earn extra 20 points for a limited time.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/K4OmIH7RZvg

Nolan’s tale of a singer-songwriter today, is the story of musical karma that shows if one has the talent, dream and passion inside, they would eventually find their way to music, even if that means after almost two decades as what happened with Nolan himself. The indie singer started his musical journey in his teens and earned an excellent reputation as a talented player with a gifted voice. After a stint in his homeland Australia, Kev travelled to Nashville but unfortunately did not fit over there.

He sold his guitar in London as the dream faded. Life went on, and after 18 years of happy family life in Spain, he returned to Australia, all the while the music had been bubbling inside him for the longest time. Back in Brisbane, one beautiful night his daughter sought his help in writing music and then suddenly all the pent-up words inside him started flowing down as magical lyrics. He realized, life has given him a second chance to relive his true calling, and now he does not want to look back anymore.

“Don’t worry I won’t bombard you with stupid spam emails in your inbox. You will only receive quality emails like updates about the contest draw and also free tracks from my previous album to make your life even more musical. You will also receive early notifications of my upcoming crowdfunding campaign,” Kev added.

To sign up to the contest, go to: http://kevnolanmusic.com

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