Leading European Value Broker Rob Aalders To Speak At Tycoons Of Wealth 2017

Renowned investment coach Rob Aalders and European Value Broker would be speaking at the elite Tycoons of Wealth 2017 about creating value and abundance in business at the end of February.

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – February 10, 2017 – Leading investment coach and European Value Broker Rob Aalders would be speaking at the prestigious Tycoons of Wealth 2017 this month. A super successful entrepreneur and coach, Aalders runs multiple companies in the fields of coaching, investment, real estate and software and is looking forward to introduce and share the concept of the European Value Broker with kindred spirits at the event.

Scheduled to be held at Johannesburg South Africa on 25 and 26th of February, Tycoons of Wealth is the biggest wealth event of the world, graced by world’s No 1 wealth coach JT. Foxx. Aalders would also share the platform with many other big shots across the contemporary business scene such as Randi Zuckerberg, Robert Gumede etc. He aspires to enlighten the commerce world about creating value & abundance in business.

“I am thrilled to have this great opportunity to speak at the esteemed Tycoons of Wealth at the final quarter of this month. It would be simply amazing to share the podium with leading branding and marketing authority JT. Foxx himself and other stellar dignitaries such as Ndaba Mandela, Randi Zuckerberg, Johanna Mukoki etc. I would be speaking on how to bring value and abundance in business as to me business is not simply about making money but mostly about creating a fulfilling situation which will help both your clients and your own enterprise to prosper in glory”, stated Rob Aalders while announcing the news of his upcoming speech at the elite event.

Aalders himself represents a very inspiring past which talks about him struggling after being laid off in 2013 as a logistics manager for a prestigious e-commerce company  and then transcending himself to an immensely successful businessman within just 3 years. He took to rigorous self-development in the meantime and honed up his skills in stock and currency markets. The very spirited man soon started making huge profits and in just a short time inspires awe by successfully running not one but multiple businesses. Added to being a much sought-after investment and logistics coach, Rob also owns a business in automated marketing. His presence in the Tycoons of Wealth itself speaks of his magnum rise in business as the event mostly zeroes on presentations by millionaires and billionaires of the world.

“Business today is heading towards a struggling phase, defined by weary consumers, stuck commerce and declining reputation of financial institutions. We need to provide value to the scenario to make a change for better and start a movement in the same tune which hopefully would be followed by like-minded people for a progressive effect,” added Aalders who hopes to inspire struggling entrepreneurs for a shining future like him through his story and message.

“I am also excited to meet up with like-minded fellow businessmen at the event, the very spirited populace who believes in creating wealth & abundance in their business, states and communities. I am looking forward to have a fulfilling rendezvous with Value Brokers like me from various countries like India, Africa, United States of America etc.”

To know more about Aalders’ European Value Broker initiative, visit: www.europeanvaluebroker.com

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