New Site Launched in Canada Offering Online Car Loan Approvals for Good and Bad Credit

New Car Canada guarantees instant auto loan approval to anyone regardless of credit score

Ontario, Canada – Currently, owning a vehicle is a necessity, not a luxury in Canada. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to those with poor credit. New Car Canada recognizes the difficulty that Canadians face in maintaining an impeccable credit score these days. Hence, they provide instant car loan approval to everyone, including those with no credit history and those with serious credit issues like bankruptcy, repossessions, divorce, late payments or having no credit if you’re new to Canada. These credit issues can usually cause a demerit for Banks since a good credit standing is one of their basic requirements. But with New Car Canada you can still apply and even get approved.

Bankruptcy, repossessions and late payments are unfortunate events which you definitely would like to resolve. New Car Canada offers not just a brand NEW car but also the opportunity to start over. You can even get refinancing as an option.

If you are new to the country, applying for a car loan is not going to be an issue with New Car Canada as well. They ensure that all Canadians are able to apply without the hassle of going through many application requirements and processes. Lastly, even if you just had a divorce, this will not be a hindrance in your auto loan application.

They offer pre-approved auto loan options so that car buyers only end up choosing vehicles that they can afford to pay off. All options are provided beforehand with no obligation to buy.

Easy, Fast and Free Loan Application

New Car Canada’s online loan application is easy, fast, and free of charge! You lose nothing when you apply for a loan. The application process takes less than a minute, is purely online, and does not oblige you to buy or subscribe! They won’t charge a cent even if you decide to discontinue your application.

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Guaranteed Approval

100% guaranteed approval is provided to anyone who meets three simple requirements! They won’t look at your credit score at all. You only need to have (1) a driver’s license, (2) a recent payslip that proves you earn at least $1,800 a month, and (3) the capacity to acquire a car insurance coverage in order to get your loan application approved!

Approvals Are Provided Anywhere in Canada

New Car Canada has the widest coverage of dealer partners in Canada. Wherever you are in the country, you can apply for FREE instantly and get approved in 24 hours. New Car Canada promises an easy, fast and smooth online process regardless of your location.

About New Car Canada

New Car Canada is a one of the biggest instant online auto loan application site in Canada that specializes in approving Canadians in absolutely any type of credit situation. They provide the fastest online processing system throughout the country. They also offer varied financing options with competitively low interest rates. They work with reputable car dealerships to ensure that you get the car that you need, wherever you are in Canada. Apply Now and get approved in less than 24 hours!

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