China Wholesale Market Awake From 2017 Spring Festival Slumber

8th, Feb. is the official opening day for Yiwu Market, the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market. As of now, almost all China wholesale market have been open for business including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao and the other biggest trade center in China.


Feb. 8th is the official opening day for the world’s largest small commodities wholesale market –Yiwu market, including Yiwu market 1-5 and international production materials market, which will begin to welcome visitors from that day on. As of now, many China wholesale market have been awake from the holiday break as the 2017 Spring Festival is coming to an end. 

Now it’s turned into the Year of Rooster. It’s time to start a new chapter in life. Chinese people have their tradition to celebrate this moment. “This is a new year. A new beginning and things will change.” People prepared their New Year’s resolutions when it has just begun. In particular, business people take it more seriously. The opening ceremony is an impressive event. Businessmen make it huger. They kick off the first resuming day by launching tons of expensive fireworks, and inviting groups of performers to play the dragon-lion dance. It’s believed that the person who holds the biggest event will obtain the best luck. Some bosses even will send red envelops to their employees. More visitors gathered indicate more business opportunities to come in this year.

The video of Yiwu Market opening ceremony 

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China wholesale market open on 8th, Feb.

                                Sellers and visitors are waiting for the market opening at the gate at 7:50 A.M.

ALL market suppliers are actively and voluntarily participating in the huge opening ceremony. Even it rains, performers still shine in the rain as crowds enjoy the traditional music and dances. The live music concert is playing the Chinese traditional blessing songs; and the Flying Dragon and Dancing Phoenix are regarded to have the power to bless people for a better future. More than that, playing the drum is another featured tradition in the opening ceremony. Dancers are holding the drum sticks and playing the special drum beat. In China, the drum is not only used to beat a special rhythm, but the deafening drumming will scare away bad things and welcome good luck.

                Wholesalers have rest all their blessings on the flying dragon, longing for a better year 

Likewise, Guangzhou businessmen kick off the market opening with a grand performance as well. Besides from the same drum beat dance, Guangzhou people prefer to the Dragon and Lion Dance. In China, Dragon and Lion is also regarded as a mascot which can bring good luck. The performance is believed as a ceremony to bring luck and happiness.

                                   Lion dance in Guangzhou market open ceremony

                                                  Hongbiantian Clothes Trading Center opens

Most Chinese factories in action

                              Yiwu Labor Market. Today, here is full of recruiters and applicants

After the Spring Break, all factories have restarted production. At this moment, labors are in the highest demand in the market. Let’s take a look at the Yiwu Labor Market. Today, here is full of recruiters and applicants, who are bustling in the crowds. Factories are planning to recruit new employees and workers are coming here to find a good job this year.


                                          workers are coming here to find a good job

Most Chinese factories have begun to buy materials. Chinese suppliers have prepared to restart a new production chapter. As we have known, 2016 Chinese market went through some rough and tumble times due to the rising of materials cost and unfavorable international market tendency. But they gear up their efforts for the 2017. On the other side, Chinese government will strengthen their forces as well to stimulate the growth of markets. Meanwhile, China industries have undertaken an upside-down change in a good way. With structural adjustment and manufacturing upgrading, we have to believe that China industry will expect a bright future.

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