Female entrepreneur, Roxy Robinson announces the transformation of her company ROXSTAR CONCIERGE into a tech company and the launch of the company’s mobile app.

Female entrepreneur, Roxy Robinson announces the transformation of her company ROXSTAR CONCIERGE into a tech company and the launch of the company’s mobile app. Roxstar Concierge is a boutique concierge luxury lifestyle and travel management solution provider established in 2010 to assist busy individuals with the smooth running of their lives, ranging from personal to professional matters.

Roxy Robinson is a successful South African entrepreneur who made a name for herself in the promotional modeling industry. At age 17, she saw a gap in the promotional modeling industry between models and clients. She successfully bridged this gap by forming a modeling agency to promote classy, posh and attractive models by helping them converse and interact with clients and sell the brand bringing back originality to the industry. Her faultless eye for picking the right models for different activities and her branding skill made her popular in the industry. She is a born entrepreneur, and this is evident in her accomplishments in the business world, she has a few other companies aside ROXSTAR CONCIERGE, and all are doing very well.

Known for her excellence in service and execution and her vibrant personality and contagious smile, Roxy Robinson has this to say about her new company ROXSTAR CONCIERGE “We are a full-service agency that offers concierge and travel services to the local and international tourism market. We have an existing administrative infrastructure and work with a wide range of service providers. As a dynamic and multi-cultural team, we access business opportunities and create unique travel experiences. Our clients are assured of faultless service delivery through combined skills and effective involvement in the industry”.

She also had this to say about their services “Whether it’s for business or pleasure, our Membership and Corporate Services is designed in a way that every member’s need is catered for to their preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements. From last-minute restaurant reservations and bespoke travel itineraries, opera, and theater tickets, to international property searches and accessing private schools and tutoring. We are the favored service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer.”

ROXSTAR CONCIERGE offers four different membership services; The Ivy Membership (For Ivy League students), The Model Membership (For models), The PA Club Membership (For Personal Assistants) and The Sports Membership (For industry professionals and athletes). The company is active in 124 other countries and presently offers complimentary membership for the first 100 first time sign ups commemorate the launch of the Mobile App and the new membership services.


Roxy founded roxstarconcierge.co.za with the goal of easing traveling troubles and help managing traveling solutions. She plans on making ROXSTAR CONCIERGE the obvious choice for individuals and businesses all around the globe. ROXSTAR CONCIERGE plans to reinvent to meet it’s client needs continually. 

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