Duplicate Dave HONEST Review – The TRUTH of “WHAT” it is and how it can help the novice succeed.

CLEARWATER, FL – 10 Feb, 2017 – Duplicate Dave named after David Sharpe himself (Aka The Legendary Marketer) is a program that was created for affiliates and helping them FINALLY “escape the “bull shit” online.” This program will help the NEWBIE marketer with various marketing strategies, conversion so that they can FINALLY succeed in anything they do online.

How do we DUPLICATE Dave?

Duplicate Dave is extremely simple. First off, this was very thought out and planned through the success of Dave Sharpe in the past programs. One of his HIGHLY successful programs called Empower Network did well over 170 MILLION dollars in online sales when dave was running that company. Due to an illness he needed to leave and take care of his health. After Dave recovered, he soon was back in action and dominated many companies and even started running traffic to his stand alone program. With this program he tested his traffic and funnels towards his program and came back with a WHOPPING $26.00 per lead.   With Duplicate Dave he is NOW allowing the affiliates to use HIS sales funnels, HIS ad copy, HIS email follow ups, HIS advertising resources, HIS phone sales closers. So essentially you use his funnel here: CLICK HERE and after watching his 12 minute video. It gives you the option schedule a phone call.

Duplicate Dave: Product?

The product is simply LIVE events and marketing education. These will be simple trainings on different ways to market your MLM, Network marketing business, internet marketing programs, affiliate products, Real Estate, and so much more…

Duplicate Dave: How Can I Earn?

Now this is NOT an MLM, Network Marketing, or Internet marketing company. This is simply a program to help the struggling marketer become a MASTER at what they do. The structure for the affiliates goes like this: Affiliates earn on 4 levels: Bronze: You Earn 5% = For each product package at this FREE level without owning the product. Silver: You Earn 40% = For each product package as a QUALIFIED product owner. Gold: You Earn 50% = $50 a month for each product package as a qualified product owner. Diamond: You Earn 60% = $100 a month for each product package as a qualified product owner. To earn 5% on each product level you can sign up as a FREE member. For a QUALIFIED product owner its: $30 per month and you get paid based on what level you’re at. For instance if you were a Diamond (earning at 60%) you would get paid $18 per month. $179 for ANNUAL fee and you get paid based on what level you’re at. $3000 For Millions from marketing LIVE event. A Diamond (earning 60%) you would get $1800 in commissions. $8000  together For Total Transformation LIVE event. A Diamond (earning 60%) you would get $4800 in commissions. Or both packages together for $10,000. A Diamond (earning 60%) you would  get $6000 in commissions. If you’re reading this and its before March 10th 2017. You can NOW get in for only $5000. You’re getting: 1) 1 year access to the Legendary Marketers Club 2) Access to the Private Traffic Rolodex, 3) Live Stream Access and 2 Tickets To Millions From Marketing Live Workshop 4) Live Stream Access and 2 Tickets To Total Transformation Live Experience 5) Activation Inside The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program 6) One VIP ticket to the Sales and Marketing Experience live event. A Diamond (earning 60%) you would get $3000 in commissions.

Duplicate Dave: YOU decide the Verdict.

Watch this LIVE training Dave did where he teaches HOW he is getting $26 PER lead.   For More Information and to set up a call with his phone sales team. CLICK HERE. I TRULY believe with Duplicate Dave, you WILL be able to MASTER online marketing and really bring YOUR business up to a whole NEW level.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXh1m_AUEG8

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