LAS VEGAS, NV – 10 Feb, 2017 – 2017 is the 25th Anniversary of Bright Trading, LLC.  Initially formed in 1992 to allow traders to trade from off the floor of a stock exchange,  it has evolved into a  business that facilitates traders who want to use firm capital to trade for their own account.  When great paying jobs are scarce and climbing the ivory tower is challenging, Bright Trading has always been there for those who want to work for themselves to create their own stock trading business.

As the US markets climb higher, traders require more capital to execute on their ideas and implement their various strategies.  Bright Trader/Members can use firm capital intraday and overnight to attain their individual goals.  Many Members use hedging techniques such as basket trading, pair trading and other long-short methods which do require more capital but allow them to trade the market in any direction or even when it’s stuck in the mud.

Bright Trading, LLC is a great home for the professional trader with the dedication and drive to have a very successful career.  Bright has recently added new technology, and traders can access programmers to help convert ideas to execution.  The President & COO will be speaking at the New York Traders Expo and is available to answer your questions.  Trader Education is provided by its own Trader/Members through an online school. Next Class: February 14-17.  

About Bright Trading, LLC:  

Bright Trading, LLC is a Broker Dealer that clears through Goldman Sachs & Co.  Traders have the choice of REDI or Real Tick front-ends or API’s and Bright’s Members can trade from the comfort of their home or office utilizing their own strategies and methods.  All Bright Traders must be properly licensed and registered.  Bright Trading, LLC does not solicit or accept customer funds or accounts.

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