MEADES, KS – 10 Feb, 2017 – A rancher in Meades, Kansas claims to have discovered the cause of a disease that is infecting the brains of Progressives Democrats. Publius O’Neil, said, “If you have friends who are still troubled by the election? Do they continue to belittle and insult you for supporting Trump? Do you wonder why they can’t “get over it”?  I do. Early on, I supported Trump. I liked his no nonsense, politically incorrect way of saying things.  I knew he offended many. Not me. I didn’t focus on the literal text of his words, rather the meaning behind those words. Security, rule of law, and jobs – I liked those words.  I have four daughter – millennials. Words and text are key to them. More important than context, tone, and intent. All were disgusted with Trump and berated me for supporting him. One of them doesn’t talk to me to this day. I hid my support from most people. I wish I had hid it from her. Because I am coming out of the closet, I now have friends, family, business partners, even a Jesuit priest friend who have placed our friendships in a holding pattern.

I’m not a political person. I like business. While an idealistic grad school student, I supported Reagan. Not since 1980 had I been interested in any election. I had some distant memory of my parents and their friends on Saturday nights hotly debating Vietnam War, Watergate and long hair. They called them “Discussion Groups.” They seemed to love talking and listening. Each would take their turn to build a credible argument and then another would take a turn to identify the flawed logic in that same argument. As the contents of Gin, Scotch, and Bourbon bottles disappeared, so did sound logical arguments. As the night went on the same agent responsible for the flawed logic claimed responsibility for the un-detection of the errors in that logic. But by the end of the night (actually, early morning) they all, more or less, headed home better friends than when they started. They cherished the debate. They relished in the discourse. Because of their disagreements and alternative perspectives, they became more fulfilled and enriched. Nobody won. Nobody lost. Yet, they all won. It was nothing like we see today. Not even close.

Now the debate is Progressives versus Conservatives. In one generation, we have gone from civil and respectful disagreement to a scorched earth political portrait; painting adversaries with insults, lies and physical violence. Relationships destroyed, speakers silenced, buildings trashed. Universities, once the true safe houses for free and open thinking, now academic kitchens baking cookie-cutter group-thinkers with one recipe – Progressivism. No tolerance or acceptance of contrary-thinking. Safe-spaces provided to students to protect them from harmful words. And these same students employing insults and physical violence upon anyone having contrary opinions.

I went to Catholic and Jesuit schools my whole life. Judeo-Christian thinking is in my DNA. I’m certainly no expert, but it seems to me the beliefs of the Progressive Movement are based on the core paradigm of the Fall, Redemption and Restoration narrative contained in Judeo-Christian –  including Muslim –  teachings and beliefs. I know, that’s a mouthful. But kindly, let me explain. And forgive me if I offend.

Here is a simple version of the above referenced narrative. Humanity spills milk in God’s kitchen. This is the Fall. Moses, Jesus, or Mohammed, for example, shows them how to clean the kitchen This is the Redemption. God’s kitchen is cleaned again. This is the Restoration. That’s the paradigm.

Now, let’s connect this to today’s political debate. Progressive’s perception of The Fall finds xenophobia, racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate-speech (including dreadful “micro-aggressions”) to be root causes of all social injustices which are in turn root causes of all the world’s sins. Cure these, and you cure the world. And who better to cure and Redeem the world than those who have sole possession of the truth – the Progressives. How could anyone possibly reject a movement with the name – Progressive. The alternative is regressive or backwards or Conservative or stupid – or simply, Deplorable.

During the Redemption, Progressives seek to eliminate all these injustices. They cure us of all our sins through sanitizing our speech of micro-aggressions and socio-politically offensive words. They identify our fears, prejudices, and hatreds. Some of which we are not even aware but for their brilliant insight. They also lead us to recognize how our white Western European privilege has enabled us to thrive at the expense of our non-white, non-privileged counter-parts. And they kindly point out that those who were not beneficiaries, suffered because of us. This leads some to assert that reparations – financial award for damages – are due such harmed non-beneficiaries. The intellectual academics educate our youth asserting that Christian religious proselytizing is on par with Islamic Jihad and any opposition to Islamification of our home and country is religious bigotry. These are the key sins of which Deplorables need to be cleansed and purified. And Progressives are the holy priests who seek to do that.

After our Redemption, the benevolent Progressives will lead all of us to the promised land. This is the Restoration. We will then be good with God. Their god, which actually is not a god at all. Rather, for most, it is government. Big government. A big global government that heals the sick with cheap health insurance; provides wealth to all with a much higher minimum wage; wealth equalization through income and inheritance redistribution plans; care for less wealthy countries through free and open borders; and free education for all. Only deplorable rubes would reject this vision. But as Dan McAdams, PhD, Psychology, Northwestern University explained in his book, George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream: A Psychological Portrait (Oxford University Press, 2011) redemptive narratives can border on self-righteousness and arrogance. The hero of the story may feel that it is his or her manifest to transform or save the world in some way, even when the world strongly resists.

And in November 2016, that is exactly what they did. They resisted. The Progressive vision was soundly rejected.  Over 160 million eligible voters did not vote for the Progressive vision in the General Election. That’s over 72% of the eligible voting population. The Progressive gospel was rejected in over 85% of the counties throughout the US.

This complete and total rejection by a huge percentage of the population, left the Progressives in shock. And now that shock has morphed into disgust, anger, and violence. To them the explanation of their rejected message was simple. The Fallen world is ignorant, bigoted (white-lashed!) and riddled with hatred and phobias. In a word, true to their name, they are simply Deplorable.

So, for all Conservatives who are perplexed at the total gasket-blowing, unhinged, can’t-get-over-it behavior of the Progressives, it will not end and they will not give up. Their politicians will try to obstruct the entire Conservative agenda. Universities will continue to manufacture and regurgitate graduates who have only been exposed to Progressive group-think. And most mainstream media will continue with their bias, fake news, and under-reporting of Conservative successes.

Since the rejection of the Progressive agenda was so pervasive throughout the country at both state, federal and potentially global levels, they will struggle for identity, strength, and solidarity. Ultimately, they will rally around Barrack and Michelle Obama. These two are the embodiment of the Progressive’s vision and agenda. The Obamas believe they alone have the knowledge of the Progressive gospel and hold the keys to the Restoration. The Obamas will continue to try to convince the world that their world view is true and right and just.

But for now, as long as Progressives continue to spread their gospel by name calling, insulting and violence; they will fail. But if they mature, regroup and pivot slightly to the political center, and if the Conservative platform takes too long to implement or if there are any significant hiccups, the Progressives will hijack the Trump train, reroute the track, and Restore us to Obama Land.”

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