DidjaStamp.com Announces Loyalty Reward Program Promotion. 50 annual subscriptions to be given away to promote mobile rewards platform.

Pilot Program to introduce new digital loyalty rewards program for small businesses.

Bringing the loyalty reward program into the 21st century, DidjaStamp.com is giving away 50 annual subscriptions to promote its pilot mobile rewards platform. This platform takes full advantage of the smartphone, allowing greater communications between business and customer.

DidjaStamp.com is offering this promotional giveaway to bring greater awareness to the technological advantages of using this platform over the paper rewards card. The company also wants to educate businesses that are not using any loyalty program on the benefits such a program can provide.

Where paper cards would easily be forgotten about, or forgotten or lost, this technology simply involves stamping the phone. Redeeming rewards is a matter of clicking a redeem button on the phone during checkout and showing the cashier.

Using the smartphone as the medium will not only serve as an electronic loyalty card, but it will also allow special deals and offers to be sent via text-message.  Videos and redirects to the business website can also be integrated.

Businesses interested in a loyalty reward program for their organization are encouraged to visit the website www.DidjaStamp.com. The website will provide contact information to request a free demo, ask questions, and how to secure one of the 50 free annual subscription giveaways.

About DidjaStamp.com:

DidjaStamp.com provides a cutting-edge smart stamp to build relationships and increase loyalty between businesses and their customers. Through their website, www.DidjaStamp.com, businesses can get a custom branded stamp along with full support.

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