Why are Chinese Drones Swarming the French Market?


February 10, 2017 – SG Scaling Solutions Private Limited has released a research study that has revealed the long asked question about the success of Chinese drones in the French Market. Drone Pas Cher En Chine has made a name for itself in the industry with providing the people with the most credible and cheap professional drones. According to the latest study, the Chinese drones that are swarming the French market are more affordable and are not only a perfect hobby but a perfect and long lasting gift for the friends and family.

“We cover all aspects of the hobby, be it the choice of a drone for beginners, user guides, regulations or new developments in the world of the drone,” said Paul Garcin of SG Scaling Solutions Private Limited while talking about the amazing Chinese drones. “Whether you want to discover the world of quadcopters and UAVs, or on the contrary you are a seasoned veteran pilot of RC drones, or even a photographer looking for the perfect shot thanks to the possibilities offered by professional photography drones, you will find article that suits you,” he added.

The company recently analyzed why DJI that happens to be the 1st world drone manufacturer and Chinese is overtaking Parrot. Parrot is the 2nd world drone manufacturer and comes from France. Both produce good drones, but the credibility of Chinese drones over parrot is stunningly impressive and is even drawing more and more French consumers to buy it. Drones are being used extensively nowadays and they have not only military and media applications but are now being considered the mode of future transportation and even transit.

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