The Terrace EC Offers Affordable Housing for 2018

Singapore – While it is no surprise that the economy has recently improved, no one could have predicted the number of people searching for new housing options. A recent report revealed there is an extreme shortage of new condos being built across Singapore. While there are some communities available, many of these have proved to be money traps. In fact, many residents have recently been the victims of hidden costs, poor maintenance, and unpleasant management interactions. When considering the number of people looking for a new place to live, it is important to know that one company is looking to lead the way in resident satisfaction.

The Terrace Executive Condos is currently looking to assist with the Singapore housing shortage. This company is in the process of building an impressive living community which will satisfy resident needs at an affordable rate. Within a year, hundreds of families will be moving into the upscale condos. Given the amount of space within The Terrace EC, the company is clearly looking to accommodate as many people as possible.

The Terrace EC recognizes the fact that some residents will live by themselves, with a spouse, or with an entire family. For this reason, they are offering several different layout packages based on size and bedrooms. Each layout package features access to the Terrace’s wide range of resident amenities. These include a yoga deck, hammock lounge, pool, steam room, waterfront gym, BBQ pit, sundeck, and so much more. With this many options, the Terrace EC is looking to place an emphasis on resident satisfaction.

While The Terrace EC wants its residents to enjoy their new home, they also want to make sure they are safe. For this reason, the community follows some important security policies. By having a security guard on duty, The Terrace EC can ensure there is a constant line of defense between residents and danger.

While these condos will be extremely popular once they open, this is partly due to the community’s location. The Terrace is conveniently located in Punggol. Resident can easily access the nearby shopping mall and bus station.

Potential customers are encouraged to visit the Terrace EC website immediately. Since the community is set to open next year, more spots are being reserved every day. By filling out the simple form on the home page, potential residents can get in contact with a Terrace agent right away. This is critically important if you are in need of housing for 2018.

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