Clear Air Club, the New Jersey based air filter subscription service

As of November 12, 2016, Clear Air Club will be delivering high quality air filters to subscribers across the United States at an affordable price. Clear Air Club hopes to change the way Americans think about the air quality in their home, one delivery at a time.

Clear Air Club was started by Paul Berkey, an HVAC specialist from Linden, New Jersey.  Throughout his career, Paul saw many neglected HVAC units fail due to poor filter maintenance. To many Americans, air filters are out of sight, and out of mind, and not changed as often as they should be.  Inconsistent filter changes can lead to reduced HVAC system life, poor air quality in the home, and rising energy costs.  Clear Air Club is the solution to all of these problems.

Clear Air Club is modeled to be a complete solution for air filter changes. Joining the club is as simple as selecting filter size, MERV rating, and frequency the homeowner would like to receive their filters.  Clear Air Club’s filters are 100% made in the USA, and less expensive than many store bought offerings. Based on chosen frequency, Clear Air Club automatically ships filters directly to the doorstep.  When the box shows up, it serves as an easy reminder to change a home’s air filter.

The air in any home contains all sorts of particulate matter, from dust to pet dander.  Clear Air Club’s air filters help to capture that stuff before it makes its way back through the central air system and ultimately into the body.  Having adequate air filtration can cut down on allergies and keep a family healthy and breathing clear.

In addition to keeping families healthy, good air filtration can save the wallet as well.  A good air filter, when consistently changed, can protect a home’s HVAC system from problems associated with dust build up.  A clean system runs efficiently, therefore saving money and avoiding costly repairs.

Clear Air Club hopes to revolutionize the Air Filter maintenance process in the United States.  By consistently delivering air filters directly to customers’ door steps at a below retail price point, Clear Air Club will make forgetting to change your air filter a thing of the past.

To learn more about the options available, visit:

Clear Air Club is located at 579B Raritan Rd. Suite 227 in Roselle, NJ (07204).

The company can be contacted via phone at (609) 475-5873 or at their website:

Media Contact
Company Name: Clear Air Club
Contact Person: Paul Berkey
Phone: (609) 475-5873
Address:579B Raritan Rd. Suite 227
City: Roselle
State: New Jersey
Country: United States