CRC Systems Announces Lowest Rework Repair Rates for Commercial Touch Screens

By working with their employees and providing additional training, CRC Systems has reduced their rework repair rate to less than half of the national industry average.

Tampa, FL – As a national touch screen and display repair depot, CRC Systems has announced that, as of 2017, their rework repair rates are among the lowest in the touch screen and display repair industry.

By investing in their employees and providing additional training and continuing education, CRC Systems’ re-work rates have fallen to 2-3%, well below the industry average of 5-6%. This means that between 97-98% of their repairs don’t come back in for additional work and sets CRC Systems apart as a premier touch screen repair and display repair depot.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to be more efficient and provide repairs that last,” said CRC Systems President David Lodato. “After all, our customers rely on us to keep their businesses running smoothly, and we’re proud to set the standard for touch screen and digital repairs.”

With such a low re-work rate, CRC System’s clients are able to provide reliable service to their own customers. This is more than convenient – in fact, it can actually be lifesaving. By repairing touch screens for medical equipment, semiconductors, and industrial HMIs and PLCs right the first time, CRC Systems helps their clients avoid the costly downtime that comes with re-repairing equipment as well as mistakes that can be caused by using faulty equipment. With such reliable repairs, CRC Systems also helps prevent consumers from becoming frustrated when faced with gaming equipment, POS touch screen systems, grocery and retail systems, and touch screen kiosks that aren’t functioning properly.  

About CRC Systems

CRC Systems, founded in 1983, has a long history of innovation and progress in the repair industry. Their mission is to extend the life of touch screen and display equipment while creating authentic, engaging, and long–term relationships with their clients. They also strive to provide their customers with as little downtime as possible to maximize productivity and profits with quality repairs that exceed all of their competition.

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