The Original Swiss Made Mattresses Now Blend Heritage with Innovation

Chattanooga, TN – A blissful, natural sleep is more than a mere state of rest. Since 1968, the people at Swiss Bliss Mattress Company have blended heritage with innovation to create some of the finest sleeping surfaces available today. Whether it is pressure relieving foam, specialty foam cores, or an infusion of lavender and Alpine herbs, the innovative Swiss Bliss original mattress has enjoyed great popularity for decades in Europe.

In the modern fast paced life, the stresses that build up during hectic days need to be let off at night. The make and form of the mattress is crucial to ensure the body actually relaxes and does not absorb any further strains. The premium and luxury Swiss Bliss mattresses incorporate innovative practices that center around this vital principle in their materials, make and design. The company is the only one in the United States to offer these exclusive, double sided specialty foam mattresses.

Research at Swiss Bliss ensures that every layer of foam serves a function. Each core is made to the highest Swiss precision, backed by extensive research for strategic placement to relieve pressure points and maximize comfort. These pressure relieving mattresses use innovative materials.  AventO2 is the first material in the world that carries relaxing lavender and Swiss Alpine herbs. Mixed pore EvO2 creates a harmonious balance to facilitate deep sleep. ViscoPore is an open cell, thermo-sensitive mattress material that changes form to fit body contours. Finally, EvoPoreHRC gives the mattresses dynamic, elastic features with stability.

“This foam mattress has been popular for years in Europe and we are thrilled to have the exclusive rights to this product for the U.S. market,” says Brian Phillips, founder of Swiss Bliss Mattress Company.  “Our family has been manufacturing mattresses my entire life, but this new Swiss mattress is a real game changer.”

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland, all Swiss Bliss mattresses utilize foam cores with no fillers or base foam, making them entirely out of specialty foam. The fresh mattress is wrapped in the finest zipper cover, bagged, compressed and rolled into a box for same-day shipping. With sizes covering the entire range from Twin to King, all mattresses carry a 10-year warranty, free shipping in the continental U.S. and a 100-night, risk-free trial.

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