Africa Conservation Adventure is Publishing Photobook of Endangered Wildlife with Proceeds Going to Conservation Programs

There is a quiet holocaust occurring in Africa with thousands of lions, gorillas and elephants the victims of poaching.  Many of these majestic species are on the verge of extinction due to limited resources for preservation, encroaching civilization and a growing market for materials harvested from these animals. A new group called Africa Conservation Adventure is committed to aiding many of the most effective conservation programs including PAMS Foundation, WildAid, the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Virunga National Park and Uganda Carnivore Program.

Africa Conservation Adventure was founded by Andrea Pompele and Rebecca Philips, passionate conservationists and photographers.  They are planning a photography mission through five African nations that will document these disappearing species and their environments.  Andrea and Rebecca plan to journey through East Africa from March to May or 2017, at the height of the rainy season.  After a successful mission in the spring of 2016 which led to the creation of a prior photobook, these two are well aware of the risks, but are confident that they will produce some spectacular photographs.

Their photos will be published as a photobook with all of the profits donated to ongoing wildlife preservation programs in these African nations.  Africa Conservation Adventure is asking for your support in this mission to stop the unlawful killing of these precious animals by contributing to their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  Your donations will be used for travel costs, conservation initiatives, photobook printing & editing, and equipment. 

In return for your generous support, you may receive valuable perks including a Wild Post Card, photo keyring, digital wildlife photo, lion/elephant/gorilla print, Maasai blanket, book credit, Skype conversation with Africa Conservation Adventure, Adopt a Rhino, Adopt an Area, Producer book credit, VIP Producer book credit, Africa Conservation Adventure 2016 Photobook, or Africa Conservation Adventure 2017 photobook. To learn more about Africa Conservation Adventure or to make a donation, please visit

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