NetConfig.Solutions Makes Data Security for Small Businesses Easy and Accessible

East Meadow, NY – Small businesses today wish to stay lean, but also maintain an adequate degree of data and network maintenance and security. The new start-up, NetConfig.Solutions, is now offering complete peace of mind, confidentially and business growth for all small and mid-sized businesses with a complete suite of data and network support, from virtualization and malware protection to emergency assistance and one-time based projects.

Small businesses need data protection as much as large businesses. With computers forming the backbone of operations today, virus and malware attack or server and network crashes can severely affect services, and result in loss of information and productive hours. NetConfig.Solutions was thus founded to give small business owners the ability to stay secured and operational all the time.

NetConfig.Solutions specializes in complete network and computer support. With over 20 years of enterprise experience, its team is instantly reachable for resolving any network issue round the clock. Businesses in healthcare, law, media and entertainment, call centers and other fields can thus ensure their computer networks and operations are smooth and running through virtualization, installation management, back-ups/recovery, virus clean-ups and firewalls, installation and maintenance of company servers and emergency assistance.

According to Josh Baig, a leading network expert and formally of NBC Universal, “A business is as good as its working computer systems. Your computer drives your business because it stores your data, clients’ information, sales information, etc. If your data is not protected, then your business is not protected. This is crucial and it is something you see in all successful businesses.”

Small businesses must be able to direct their energies on running their business, rather than worrying about computer networks and related challenges. NetConfig.Solutions has made receiving timely help and complete services just a call away.

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