Meet @GorillaJoeYoung the @WUTANGCLAN’s successor in the INDIE ERA

STATEN ISLAND, NY – 13 Feb, 2017 – These are good times for lovers of real hip hop with substance. The Lox recently released an album, J Cole declared war on every wack rapper in sight and the Wu Tang Clan has groomed a solider of their own. Over the last couple of years, the international Hip Hop Artist Joe Young has developed into a force. He learned from the greatest crew of all time ( WU -TANG ) how to fill voids, and bring excitement to our culture at the right moments. Mentored by Cappadonna and Inspectah Deck and restructuring Wu Wear with his partners in Germany, Joe Young is set to re-establish the feeling we have all been missing.

Although the Clan has been going through public turmoil, the Young Life Music Group CEO partnered up with the legendary Dame Grease  to build a piece of music that will stand the test of time. Invincible Armour is the outcome of their creativity. The album features the Wu Tang elite – Method Man, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killa and even a surprise appearance from the ODB himself. Invincible Armour is a testimony of celebration, bringing the sound back that made Enter the 36 Chambers or Wu Tang Forever, which are arguably the best albums the Clan put out for the fans.

These 12 songs caught the attention of Martin Shkreli, who offered to Exclusively purchase the Album but Joe Young and Dame Grease both let it be known that Invincible Armour is for the fans. CHECK OUT an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BELOW with JOE YOUNG.

Where did the name “Joe Young”  originate from?

The Name Joe Young was given to me by Ghostface Killa and i just kept it.

Your record “Eviction” has been increasingly talked about lately, can you explain the concept behind that song? 

The concept behind the Record is just basically describing that we moving at a Pace feeling like we getting Evicted because we moving so fast. We just got that hustle like you still broke mentality in us.

Your album “Invincible Armour” features a bunch of HIP HOP Heavy WeightS, How do you manage to get so much support from your peers?

I’m just staying real, positive, Productive and not taking no for an answer. The stars just lined up right for this Project right here and my peers want to see me win and in  a good Situation because they know i helped a lot of People to get into good situations as well so i think it’s a Karma thing. Do good and receive good. Period.

Everyone knows you rep Germany,  how was it growing up there? 

[Man] Germany is a dope country it has its good and Bad sides like every other country. I was brought up in a good Household with limited resources tho. My Mom always made it work somehow. My Dad was there to but my Stepdad. I don’t know my real Dad but i don’t care to know him as well.

How would you describe your music in 3 words?

Raw, Real, Unorthodox.

Which song by an artist other than yourself is your theme music right now? 

Been listening to Noreaga Pyramids everyday and DMX Slippin.

Many Rappers have rituals before getting creative in the studio, how do you set the mood before recording?

It lands different with me. Sometimes i just feel the Drive to go to the Studio another time i gotta force myself to go there but when i’m there i just go in. Its no real ritual. It depends on my Mood.

What was the last rap album you actually bought and why?

The last Rap Album i bought was the Game Documentary 2.5 because i support everything the Game does. He showed me a lot of Love and he made an Incredible Album. So yea that’s the last Album i bought.

You had a big 2016, with features from  DMX, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa and Max B. in 2017 you already gave us  “Invincible Armour” featuring the Legendary Wu Tang Klan and Super Producer Dame Grease created that Raw 90s vibe. what Motivates you to go so hard?

I just go with the flow. I’m so deep into it that i just keep going and going and going. Its just a point of no return for me because its still alot i havent done yet that i still need to do tho. so its just the strive.

You’ve accomplished so much independently, would you ever consider signing with a Major Label?

Not really. A Major slows you down a lot and takes your Freedom away to do what you want to do so i feel more comfortable in the Driver seat. There are no guarantees with a Major Record company. So running my own Label allows me to move how i want to move at all times and all the Kickback is mine as well.

What are your top 5 Albums of all time? one of my personal favorites is “Tical” by Method Man.

2 Pac All Eyes on me, Jay Z the Blueprint, Wu Tang 36 Chambers, Raekwon OBFCL, Ghostface Supreme Clientele, Cappadonna the Pillage its a tie between Supreme and Pillage.

Can you tell us what you consider to be essential attributes to make a rapper GREAT? lyrics, delivery etc.

Being authentic and driving the Youth in the right direction. I dont really like Rap i like Hip Hop.

Final question, we gotta keep it real Hip Hop right now. Who are your top 5 rappers DOA?

2 Pac, Jay Z, Method Man, Raekwon, Snoop Dogg.


interview conducted by: FADERBOY JAY RIVERA



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