YouAreTrulyLoved Celebrating Hump Day One Meme at a Time

Atlanta – Every week, the fateful day arrives: Hump Day. All over the country, Americans working the Monday-Friday, 9-5 grind wake up on Wednesday mornings both tired and elated to be approaching the middle of the week. To celebrate Hump Day and to remind each other that the weekend is nigh, it has become something of an office culture tradition to pass around Hump Day memes, like the images on YouAreTrulyLoved.

The origins of Hump Day as a cultural phenomenon are unclear. While other English-speaking countries like Australia, Canada, and the UK have apparently heard of Hump Day, the meanings for the term differ, and the connotation that Hump Day refers to Wednesday seems to occur only in America.

As a day referring to Wednesday as the middle of the work week, Hump Day seems to be primarily rooted in office culture, and it is certainly tied to the definition of the workweek as a five-day, Monday-Friday gig. The current 40-hour workweek that many Americans are familiar with did not start until the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act. Before this act, the two-day weekend was an elusive dream, and only progressive thinkers like Henry Ford in 1926 had two-day weekends. Other Americans endured a grueling six-day workweek, without the benefit of a workweek limited to 40 hours. Given the five-day workweek did not go into effect nationwide until 1938, it seems Hump Day as a widespread, American phenomenon must have started sometime thereafter.

Hump Day induces feelings both of fatigue and gratitude. In the morning, the reaction to Hump Day might be one of weariness, knowing that there are still three whole work days until the workweek is over. But as the clock ticks on, increasing levels of excitement and activity spread throughout the office, and e-mail inboxes, social media feeds and messenger apps suddenly start pinging with celebratory memes and reminders that it is Happy Hump Day. Sites like offer a gallery of fun images to share throughout the office—just don’t forget to leave off the boss’ e-mail in an office-wide group message!

As Hump Day approaches (as it does every week) rise above the weariness of the workweek that has already passed and look to spread the excitement with memes from sites like Office culture and the general spirit can swing up or down fairly quickly, so why not help keep it on a positive vibe with funny and exhortative memes?

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