A revolutionary cap by Opus High Technology will soon be seeking support on kickstarter

February 13, 2017 – OPUS High Technology has announced that they will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to back their all new solar powered ‘Illumi-Cap’. The wearable device is an all solar-powered LED cap with pedometer that has a multi-purpose usage and is a truly remarkable innovation in technology by Opus. It is the World’s first and newest LED Cap and is not only stylish but also useful in many ways. The Kickstarter Campaign will go live on February 28th, as the company aims to raise funds to enhance the production of this wearable device.

“It is the world’s first solar-powered wearable cap that has a light on the brim and back, but we’re also adding the pedometer feature,” said the spokesperson of Opus. “We have designed it to be lightweight, slick looking, affordable as well as durable and all this while delivering light when you need it and where you need it, using that beautiful free energy source, the sun,” he added. The illumi-cap does not require any batteries as it is entirely powered by the sun.

The  illumi-cap has countless benefits and it is ideal for hiking, biking, jogging, fishing, hunting, camping, boating and even horse riding. Moreover, its everyday usage can be helpful in farming and even mechanical repairing or working of all kinds particularly at night. It is entirely dirt proof and also sweat proof unlike most caps, users need not to worry about the stains of sweating in summers. Moreover, the color of the cap never fades away with washing.

In addition to the several multi-functional applications of the illumi-cap, it has front and back LED lights. It also features two-way charging so if the day is cloudy or the sun isn’t quite available, users can charge it simply through a USB port. The front beam of this cap is adjustable and can also be used in flash mode. For those who don’t like wearing caps all the time, it is a perfect item to be kept in their first aid bag or emergency kit in the car because it makes working in dark amazingly easy.

More information is available on the website of Opus. 

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