Suryanamaskara Yoga Mats On Indiegogo and Kickstarter

Designed With Astrological and Vedic Concepts In Mind

February 13, 2017 – A quality yoga mat can make a difference during any yoga session. This is a point that is especially true when it comes to being one with the planets.

The Suryanamaskara yoga mats are among the best mats for people to look for. They are currently in development and can be supported online through Indiegogo and Kickstarter. These are especially made with Vedic philosophies in mind.

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These mats are designed to work in both yoga studios and in the street among other places. They are soft and flexible and easy to sit on.

But the greatest part of the Suryanamaskara yoga mat is that it is made with a beautiful design that is heavily inspired by the planets. The full line of mats will include designs that feature artistic arrangements symbolic of the planets and many other celestial bodies. Each print is made with a non-fade material and comes with some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors possible.

These were designed by a Vedic astrologer who has studied how the skies work and what different celestial bodies mean for many people. These have been prepared as a means of supporting the general desires people hold for a healthy life.

Each mat features a natural rubber bottom that creates a great grip on the surface it is placed on. It is also about 3mm thick so it is both comfortable and easy to carry around. It even comes with its own carrying strap.

Customers can support the Suryanamaskara yoga mats through Kickstarter and Indiegogo. People who pledge to these programs will receive all sorts of rewards. People who support the yoga mats on Kickstarter can get up to 20 percent off of one of these mats when they pledge to order them through that campaign. Meanwhile, people can get rewards from $10 upward including a magnet and an exclusive digital poster print.

The Suryanamaskara yoga mat series will be exciting for people to look into as they are aiming to find only the best possible mats for their yoga activities. The mats are designed to be comfortable and will help people get in touch with the astrological bodies that they conform with.


The Suryanamaskara yoga mat is designed by a Vedic astrologer who has studied numerology under Shiva and is a graduate of the Rami Bleckt Vedic School of Astrology. The mat is designed with the general philosophy of handling one’s emotions and values.

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