Ice Buildup on Wiper Blades Can Render Them Useless and Actually Worsen Visibility

When winter temperatures freeze snow and precipitation to your windshield, you carefully arrange your time to clean it all off to get to where you’re going on time.  But, when you get behind the wheel and head off on your way, you still can’t see anything because there’s ice still coats your wipers and it’s leaving streaks across the windshield, blocking your view.  It’s extremely frustrating and very, very dangerous.  

Crystal Clear Blades Solves the Problem

Crystal Clear ( has solved the problem.  Our heated wiper blades eliminate ice buildup on your wipers and keep them functional.  So, now, after your clean your windshield, you get a perfect, streak-free swipe.  You’ll drive happier and much, much safer.

The Crystal Clear Blade System, which includes wipers and a sensor, rapidly heats up the blades and eliminate the ices. Along with the graphite coating and compressed rubber, you get clean swipe every time. You’ll never have to worry about seeing through your windshield, even in the most difficult winter weather conditions.  And, you’ll focus on what you can’t control, rather than struggle just to see.  We can’t control the weather, but we can control the quality of your visibility and lessen the danger.

Our Products Work with All Vehicles

Crystal Blades is a dedicated supplier that offers a Crystal Clear Blade System for every vehicle on the road.  Our heated wiper blades and sensors work with standard passenger automobiles, large rig trucks, commercial vehicles, industrial vehicles, police cars, school buses, etc.  Our team is ready to protect you and offer you peace of mind.

Dedicated to Quality

Crystal Clear is committed to excellence and dedicated to:

• The utmost safety of every individual on the road.
• Quality products that exceed expectations.
• Performance checks for every item sold.
• State-of-the-art products that satisfy evolving driver requirements. 

Quick and Easy Installation

It only takes fifteen minutes to install your Crystal Clear Blade System, so you can come by before work, after you drop off the kids, during lunch, after work – any time at all.

Use the Wipers Right Away

Once we install your Crystal Clear Blade System (, you can use it immediately – there’s no learning curve at all.

Call Crystal Clear ( today and talk to a Heat & Clean Representative about installing your Crystal Clear Blade System.

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