Online jewelry website Jonas Frederic Beer launches new black paint collection

Jonas Frederic Beer is a popular online store that has announced the launch of their all new black paint collection. The company offers a variety of jewelry for both men and women and under their new collection they have launched some unique bracelets, rings, and necklaces in silver, gold and rose gold.

This collection stands out in terms of its unique design and quality. Some of the featured products in the women bracelets category include the carved round bracelet in silver, gold and rose gold options. The other designs such as the belt-shaped bracelet in different colors and the zircon plated bracelet are also gaining quite a popularity among the customers. The elegant bracelet carved with roman numerals is suitable for both formal and informal occasion and designed to go with all kinds of attire. The bracelets are made of pure stainless steel ensuring the durability of the product and available in various colors.

The women can also find a variety of necklaces with aunique design on the website such as the roman necklace, shell necklace, pearl necklace and the zirconia necklace available in three beautiful colors. The website is also inspiring the trend of wearing jewelry among men by offering a variety of chic and elegant designs that make a style statement. The men, also can choose among the various designs of bracelets and ring available in gold, silver and rose gold. The ceramic ring and the 3 metal ring are some of the most sought after items in the category. Most of the products on the store are available within the range of $20 to $40 depending on the design and material used.

The black paint collection is launched for the modern men and women who like to make an understated style statement. The company, in fact, is founded on a belief to develop customer oriented stylish products that provide a luxury feel without being much heavy on the pocket. Unlike the other online jewelry stores, Jonas Frederic Beer doesn’t believe in keeping unfair margins to loot the jewelry and fashion accessory shoppers online.

Jona Frederic Beer was founded in Schaffhausen Switzerland in 2015. Within two years of its inception, the company has retained a good customer base and now ships all of its products worldwide without any extra shipping charges.  

More products can be seen on Jonas Fredric Beer website.

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