Born in 1986 in South Africa, Successful entrepreneur Roxy Robinson started her first company at 17 years old.

She saw a gap in the market for beautiful promotion models that could not only be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but could also converse and interact with clients and sell the brand and to bring the passion and originality back into the industry she quickly became popular among the industry for her impeccable eye for branding, and her skill in sourcing the right model for every activation and her values in life came through in her business which made her stand out amongst the rest.

Roxy’s business journey started in 2004 when she launched her Promotional Model agency to help promote models and give clients the edge in the industry. She has successfully started numerous other companies and expanded her offices globally with partnership relations in 124 countries. She owns a events company known as Pick A Flava Events ( ) as well as a concierge company that has recently launched an array of memberships targeting a niche network of clientele to best service their needs globally.

Roxy’s also is a partner in a consulting business where she has invested interests in her client’s key projects that she endorses.

Roxy Robinson’s assistant had this to say about her achievements so far “Her big break in the events industry was during the FOOTBALL WORLD CUP in South Africa it was here that all her International contacts came into play all at once and the company hosted world class events that put her business on the map globally amongst the greats”. Roxy has this to say about her progress since then “I invested money made from the World Cup into launching my core passion being Amore Vitae an online platform for the youth that is country specific focusing on the very best in certain sectors from travel to employment and the platform allows for people to gain access to sought-after experiences and opportunity”.

She invested in the development of the business she has traveled the world securing the networks and partnership deals, and its official launch is in 2017. Her motto is to create a platform that allows people the access to live the life they would love to live.

About Roxy Robinson

Roxy is a Christian and has a solid faith that shines through all she does. Roxy is self-made and epitomizes what it means to work hard, stay faithful and follow your dreams. Outside of business, Robinson is a supporter of numerous charities and is an ambassador for the TGO foundation. She is a born entrepreneur and laughs when reminiscing that the first word she properly learned to spell growing up was “entrepreneur”. She is the girl at the airport that picks the business magazine over the Celeb Gossip Mag. One of Roxy’s favorite quotes is “people will always remember how you made them feel.”

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