Abbkine Scientific Releases a New Product – PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA)

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Abbkine Scientific has unraveled another product under the Purification tool Category called PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA).

Wuhan, CHINA – 13th February, 2017 – Abbkine Scientific Co., Ltd, the makers of different quality Antibody products, Assay kit, Sampling kit, purification tools and much more, has come up with a new high-quality product, PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA).

PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA) is a high-capacity, high-performance nickel-IMAC resin for routine affinity purification of His-tagged fusion proteins. It is suitable for purification of soluble proteins as well as proteins exist in inclusion bodies. 

PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA) consists of 90μm beads of highly cross-linked 4% аgаrоѕе dеrіvаtіzеd with the nіtrіlоtrіасеtіс acid (NTA) chelation mоіеtу аnd lоаdеd wіth divalent nісkеl іоnѕ (Ni2+).

PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA) effectively purifies high levels of overexpressed His-tagged fusion proteins from bacterial lysates in gravity column procedures at a variety of scales. The purification and expression of recombinant proteins is central to protein regulation, function and structure studies. The resin is a high-quality, stable and resilient affinity support, the majority of recombinant proteins are expressed as fusions with short affinity tags, with polyhistidine (6xHis) tag being the most popular.

PurKine™ His-Tag Protein Purification Kit contains components; PurKine™ His-Tag Purification Nickel Column, Phosphate-Buffered Saline (PBS, 10X) and Imidazole (2M).

PurKine™ His-Tag Ni-NTA Resin has unique properties; a high-capacity – it can bind up to 50 mg of 6xHіѕ-tаggеd рrоtеіn реr milliliter оf rеѕіn. It is flexible –available in multiple formats including bulk resin, spin columns, and complete kits. It is versatile – it purifies proteins using native or denaturing conditions. It is easy to use and cost effective. The shipping of His-Tag Protein Purification Kit (Ni-NTA) is in blue ice form.

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