Meet the Man Who Traveled to 440 Cities in 110 Countries

Imagine if you could quit your job to go on a journey across the world, visiting every continent. Imagine if you had a chance to help people along the way, impacting the lives of everyone you met along the way.

This was a reality for one man named David, traveling to 440 cities in 110 countries. He began his journey without a destination, simply allowing destiny to lead the way.

He always ended up at the right place at the right time to witness history and to capture those moments and the struggle of every citizen with the lens of his camera. He happened to be in Cairo as the people of Egypt started a revolution to reclaim their destiny. He was in Istanbul as the people of Turkey marched in Taksim Square. Ended up in Kiev, as the people of Ukraine demanded an end to a corrupt president, and marched with the people of Mexico City on October third.

He never chose his destiny. Destiny chooses him. For him, it was not just about being a photographer and capturing the moment. It was about impacting the lives of all those whom destiny put in his path, with every conversation and with every interaction. He preferred to stay in youth hostels, so that he could spend his time with backpackers and young travelers. Providing them with travel tips, guidance and financial assistance if need be.

He even began a travel contest on his Facebook page, selecting a young traveler in each country he visited to receive $10,000 so that he or she could continue their journey.

While visiting displaced Syrians at a refugee camp, he decided to invest his time for the betterment of the displaced. Nearly 60 million people around the world were displaced from their homes because of war, conflict or persecution last year, a level not seen since World War II.

It is hard to process numbers that large, and the many tragic stories behind them. So, David decided to bring his journey to a pause on January 2017, to return home to Los Angeles and publish a photobook of the images he captured so that everyone who desires to make a difference can be a part of his journey. Proceeds from this book will go to displaced people worldwide.

To promote this cause, a video was made and translated to 16 languages. To watch this video, visit:

He started a campaign on called “The Displaced: Journey into the Heart” to support this cause.  Your donations will help make this book a reality. Proceeds from the project will go toward refugees and displaced persons. There are currently 65.3 million displaced people worldwide.

David created this campaign with one objective: to create a defining moment where like-minded individuals who have common goals can come together in order to make a difference in other people’s lives.

There is no limit to what we can achieve, if we work together. Imagine if we could help as many as possible through the sale of this book in 2017?

Let this be our New Year’s resolution.

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