Bedding Review Online Firm Launches New Website

New York, NY – Online sleeping and beddings review firm, Sleep Addicts, announce the launching of a new, easy to navigate website. This new website focuses on reviewing helpful bedding accessories while providing sleeping tips to discerning visitors.

“Sleep Addicts is dedicated entirely to assisting their visitors to get better sleep.” Bryan Prange, a company spokesperson says. “Information available on the website is regularly updated and reviewed in order to match emerging trends in medical research and market for accessories of everything that relates to sleeping on behalf of their visitors. The result allows better sleeping as shown here,”.

With the current lifestyles where everyone is living in the fast lane, sleeping challenges are bound to crop up. An enterprise that specializes in dedicating itself to discovering factual methods of improving sleep is appreciated. Such an enterprise will prove its proficiency through the creation of easy to follow and fun guides that spare visitors the trouble and hassle of conducting appropriate research themselves. An added advantage would be the enterprise that tests these newly discovered trends on themselves before uploading them onto their website.

The National Institute of Health says that adults require about eight hours of sleep. Many people are astounded on finding this out because it often is an almost impossible feat to accomplish. Any proficient website of this nature will, therefore, founder its guidelines on assisting visitors to sleep soundly throughout the night. One major piece of advice is that caffeine blocks sleep-inducing chemicals in people’s brains. It also increases the production of adrenaline that keeps people awake. It stimulates the stomach and small intestines while remaining in people’s bodies for as much as six hours. In this regard, anyone who longs for a deep sleep must avoid any form of caffeine a few hours to bedtime, be it tea, soda, coffee or any beverage that contains caffeine.

Preventing overeating and undereating is another form of advice that a good site of this nature will have. Overeating results in food stagnation that leads to upset stomachs, bloating, abdominal pain, indigestion, and gas. These are all hindrances to sleeping soundly. Another major sleep deprivation issue lies in having electronics remaining on. ( These include cellphones, tablets, and televisions, all of which prevent melatonin production. This hormone regulates sleep, and therefore a person should switch off these electronics to sleep better.

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Sleep Addicts is an online US company that writes helpful reviews for bedding accessories while providing sleeping tips. The company can be contacted at their website

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