Ryan McAweeney Named Top Marketing Consultant in Cardiff by the Sea

CARDIFF BY THE SEA, CALIFORNIA – 13 Feb, 2017 – Ryan McAweeney has been named the top marketing consultant for SMB’s in Cardfiff by the Sea, California. The announcement comes at the time of his launch of a website for his new personal consultancy firm: http://ryanmcaweeney.com/. The marketing executives new venture will focus on providing clients expertise and advice on marketing, finance, and business solutions.

McAweeney released the following statement regarding the new venture, “My new consultancy will strive to provide clients with in-depth industry knowledge and expertise on how to better their marketing strategies, streamline their finances, and create efficient business solutions within their companies. My consultancy’s goal is to have constant direct involvement in my client’s business operations; I want to use my experience to provide substantial improvement to their business related outcomes.”

McAweeney will be drawing on over 10 years of industry experience in the world of marketing and finance. McAweeney founded Vertical Direct Marketing Group (VDMG) in 2007, and transformed it into a multi-million dollar advertising agency. His experience in the field of direct marketing will be leveraged to help his new client base achieve concrete results from their advertising activities. In addition, he is CEO of Premier Documents, a document preparation company that helps clients navigate the complex world of US document preparation.

The announcement comes at a time when both McAweeney and fellow VDMG executive has announced their intention to start personal side projects. With the executive decision to step into a similar space, but is focused primarily on his expertise in online marketing and sales conversions. The pair took the marketing industry by storm when they paired up at VDMG in 2009; by 2013 the company had a reported revenue of $3.7m. Both appear to be keen on leveraging their contacts and know-how to create success in their new personal ventures.

If you’d like any additional information regarding Ryan McAweeney and the services he can provide to you or your firm, please head to his consultancy’s URL at: http://ryanmcaweeney.com/

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