Cyborg Advisors Brings In Next-Generation Automated Client Financial Services Platform

Cyborg Advisors has introduced a game-changing Next-generation automated financial services platform which shows part automation and part human design and offers both automation and professional human advice that Robos cannot.

Douglasville, GA – February 13, 2017 – The 1st generation Robos has undoubtedly wheeled the shift to automation convenience yet it lacks the human touch which is crucial when an investor needs professional expert help. However, the New Year has ushered in with a game-changing scene in the financial sector! Leading financial consulting company Cyborg Advisors has come up with its Next-generation automated financial services platform that offers everything that the 1st generation Robos can and MUCH MORE with its part auto and part human design. Added to the automation facility, the client-centric structure of the platform will beget support from an independent qualified registered investment advisor for a very nominal and competitive fee.

With Cyborg’s revolutionary financial services platform, for the first time ever, individuals, businesses and institutions worldwide will finally gain access to professional money managers for just 250.00 USD. Moreover, the Private Equity Option that usually requires a whopping $250,000k or more from investors would now allow the accredited investors easy access for only $25k.

“Automation has been around for quite some time now in the finance sector, courtesy the 1st Generation Robos. But Robos cannot help with the human touch you would need when you seek professional guidance for your queries. Thus, we have come up with our client-centric next-gen system which not only speaks of the best bits of Robos like automated function and reduced fees but most importantly supports with the needed human presence that Robos lack”, stated Hakeem J. Webb, the Sr. Investment Adviser for Cyborg Advisors.

A veteran finance professional with 25+ years of industry experience, Mr. Webb took to an extensive research and collected insights, comments or opinions of other professionals, academic, former regulators, bankers, custodians and clients before developing the breakthrough platform.

What makes Cyborg’s next-gen platform score over dated Robos is its state of the art technology. A cutting edge proprietary Investor Metric Questionnaire™ that can identify the client’s time horizon, risk tolerance, suitability, liquidity as well as goals and objectives. The human side of the platform assures personalized oversight and planning from qualified independent RIAs, CFPs®, CLUs, CFS, ChFC, RIS for a low reasonable unmatched fee.

“Most 1st generation Robos and conventional service firms take to backward-looking performance reports, such as quarterly, monthly, year-end or semi-annual reports. Our research revealed that the backwards approach is always less important and cannot exactly help investors much in their financial decisions. We have rectified the problem with our futuristic platform which will keep the clients “In the now” mode Vs. The usual backward-looking phase with our Account Aggregation, Analysis and Alerts.”

The company has brought in comprehensive financial planning software “Finance Logix” and “Retire  Logix” mobile app that would provide the clients with continuous alerts or feedbacks on their holistic financial well-being.

When asked, how the experience was to work with Cyborg Advisors new platform, Jeffrey R. Geygan- President/CEO of Global Value Investment Corp said “The argument over Robos or Humans just changed again! Cyborg-Advisors deliver on all fronts like Cutting edge next-generation automated technology with account aggregation, Professional Asset Management, Comprehensive financial planning, Investment Advisory Services, Qualified Independent Advice if you desire from a Human, Expansive product offerings, and Low & competitive fee.”

“Cyborg-Advisors bring together automation and human expertise to serve clients better with new standards for automation in the wealth management business and our clients are elated with our next-gen platform. All of them feel it’s a game-changer which helps them to manage their finances better.” Mr. Webb added in.

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