Releases Free 4 Quadrant Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Cleveland, OH – Offering businesses the opportunity to secure their data adequately, Securable LLC has released an opportunity for people to snag a free four quadrant Cyber security risk assessment to maximize data security. While a good 30% of cyber threats come from data systems, the cyber risk company asserts that people and policy within a company are often responsible for 70% of a business’s cyber-security risk. is now offering for a limited time a free four quadrant cyber security risk assessment. If a company hired a consultant to assess their cyber security, the cost would exceed $5000.

Cyber security awareness, though perhaps discussed more in recent years than in decades past, is a major component to consider and continue advocating for when working to keep business data secure. Whether a business is small, medium or large, cybersecurity threats are a real possibility that can present considerable risk and damage. Not every cybersecurity company is equipped with the expertise to adequately handle both simple and complex threats that businesses of all sizes may come to face. Finding a reliable company that will work with each business to help build a firewall against security threats posed by business employees as well as those originating from a system is essential.

Working with businesses to help them create what has been termed a “Human Firewall,” Securable LLC emphasizes the need to address the cybersecurity threats that are posed by the people within a business, as they make up 70% of cybersecurity risks. Securable specializes in the mitigation of security threats within small and medium markets. The cybersecurity company offers two different pricing plans that offer and address various means of cyber protection and threats, including phishing threats, exposure to unauthorized applications, malicious ads, and issues related to the digital footprint.

N.D Jones of Telmex says of his experience with Securable LLC, “We never knew how many vulnerability points we had using so many SaaS services to run our business. Now, we are protected and spend a fraction of our time focusing on cyber security.”

Securable LLC is available to businesses in need of stepping up their cyber security, offering a free four quadrant cyber security risk assessment. While technological systems themselves still tend to be responsible for a considerable percentage of cyber security threats, Securable LLC works with businesses to ensure that the larger percentage of risks posed by the people within any company are addressed.

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