AUTO-VOX IP68 Waterproof Rear View Camera with LEDs and Simple Installation

Generally speaking, car cameras have two functions helping drivers reverse and working with the dash cam to display real-time video for a safer driving.

AUTO-VOX CAM1’s installation is quite simple for its concealed metal bracket directly installed behind the license plate. First, take down the rear number plate, and then install the Cam 1’s bracket aligning to the screws position since there are two holes in the bracket.

Second, put the number plate above the bracket and screw on. The backup camera’s wire goes into the car through the gap of number plate’s lights and connect to reversing lamp’s power cord and video extension cable. The installation method of backup cameras is designed by AUTO-VOX to be less conspicuous in appearance, and the installation is simple and straightforward.

Waterproof ability and night vision must be what we care about. For AUTO-VOX CAM 1 comes with IP68, you can drive as you wish in windy or rainy days. Meanwhile, CAM1 has 6 LED lights, with high-luminance able to automatically switch on or off based on the light condition, which perfectly solves the poor night vision problem.

GLSAAES lens with 170 degree wide-angle is applied to AUTO-VOX CAM1 which not only ensures long-term use without aging but also the sharp images. Currently the image resolution of CAM1 is higher than 80% similar products on the market.

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