Music Producer, Joe Kool, releases CD inspired by inspirational artworks

Songs help listeners relax mind, body, and soul, taking them on an epic journey

Joe Kool announces the release of the CD “Simple Meditation: The art of music volume 1.” The CD contains a collection of 15 songs that relaxes the mind, body, and soul of the listener, taking them on an epic journey. The artist has derived his inspiration for making the music paying close attention to different types of art forms including abstract art, optical art, generative art, and graffiti art. The songs are the result of the artist experience sojourning in the abstract universe of inspirational arts. The vibes of this project create a truly inspirational and beautiful sound that will take the listeners to a completely new level of relaxation. The CD is available on CDBaby, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes.

“My intention is to use my songs to demonstrate how artwork can inspire the production of beautiful, melodious music. I spent a lot of time looking at artwork, trying to imagine what is going on in the mind of the artist that lead to the creation of the masterpiece. I try to convert the lights, shades, colors, curves and other elements to beats, instruments, and rhythms, to create something unique. I want to work with art galleries to promote the CD and show fans the beauty in the interconnectivity between artworks and music,” said Joe Kool.

Simple Meditation: The art of music volume 1 is Joe Kool’s major recording in five years. The artist wants to demonstrate how one art form can inspire the other, through proper meditation. The music is relaxing and refreshing, suitable for those of all ages. The music helps listeners search deep into their soul, relaxes their mind and provides an escape away from the chaos and violence in the world.

“Joe has delivered something that is unusual and unique at the same time. He has proven himself not just as an artist, but also a creator that understands the science that connects the human emotions to sound and melody. His music makes me relax and gives the assurance that all hope is not lost for people who appreciate good and positive music,” said Donald S, a fan.

About Joe Kool
Joe Kool is prolific music producer based in California. He specializes in the production of beats, and music that touches the soul and help listeners relax. He has produced beats for the likes of Soda Pop and worked on many projects in collaboration with Grammy Nominated Producer/Song Writer, C-Moe (Christopher Moore), of The Narrators. For more information, please contact

Media Contact
Company Name: Got Beats Production Team, LLC
Contact Person: Joe Kool
Phone: 818-310-0118
Country: United States