Manufacturing Companies Cut down Inventory to Half using TPSynergy E-Kanban

AUSTIN TX – 2/13/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — is a leader in Supply Chain Software solutions. Today they announced that they are introducting an Electronic version of the popular Kanban System called TPSynergy E-Kanban System.

Large Automobile Components Manufacturer uses TPSynergy to reduce Inventory

Aditya Auto is a global Auto components manufacturer for global Automobile brands. Their CFO Suresh  Sethu Raman mentioned that

“We searched for a solution to optimize our inventory and improve collaboration with suppliers on timely delivery. We found TPSynergy E-Kanban system to be a simple and very effective solution to automate supplier communication and replenishment process.

TPSynergy E-Kanban system has mobile apps and cloud portal to inform the suppliers when the bin becomes empty. We can monitor the transactions in the portal and download monthly reports of all transactions for reconciliation. We recommend TPSynergy E-Kanban system for any manufacturing companies looking to optimize their inventory and use two bin Kanban system.”

Kanban Manufacturing System for Inventory Management

Kanban is a Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing system introduced by Japanese manufacturing companies to optimize inventory management. It is also known as the Two Bin System. The basic principle of Kanban is – “Produce or Buy only what is needed and when it is needed”

Manual Vs Electronic Kanban System

In a traditional manual Kanban  process, the signal is managed manually. When a bin becomes empty, a manual signal like email or a phone call is made to the supplier to start the replenishment process. But in an electronic version, a bar code is scanned  to trigger the signal to supplier automatically.

In an Electronic Kanban system, all cards are maintained electronically. There will be printed copies of the Kanban card but there is a central system maintaining the cards. Barcoded Kanban cards are scanned as soon as it becomes empty. This will trigger an instantaneous replenishment message to the supplier so that material can be shipped right away instead of waiting for the physical bin to reach them.

Barcoded system with Mobile Apps and a Cloud Portal

In the electronic Kanban process, all the bins are bar coded with a bin card. Mobile apps on IOS and Android devices are used to scan empty bins to indicate that it needs to be replenished. A cloud portal tracks movement of the Kanban cards and provides reconciliation.

Industries that Benefit from E-Kanban

Any industry that manages inventory will benefit greatly by introducing the E-Kanban system. Manufacturing companies, hospitals, super markets, retailers, warehouses – all can implement a Kanban system to optimize inventory.

More Details

More details are available in their website

This short video on E-Kanban explains the process

About is an Austin, Texas based software technology startup providing simple business solutions for integrating to various business channels. Its order and inventory processing software connects to customers using Electronic Data Integration (EDI) and provides a simple platform for collaboration.

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