engu Announces Enhanced Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Lahr, Germany- Nintendo lovers rejoice! While countless fans of the Nintendo 3DS have been concerned by the shortage of the product in several markets, there is now a convenient alternative.

Pengu Emulator is proud to announce the release of the only functional Nintendo 3DS emulator available on the internet. This emulator functions exactly like a real Nintendo 3DS and can play the same games fans have grown to love. The only difference is that the Pengu Emulator is free. Rather than searching around and spending hard earned money on a real Nintendo 3DS, you can play your favorite games instantly with Pengu!

When many people hear the word “emulator,” they immediately think of computer based gaming console. Traditionally, emulators have been offered on PCs with a wide variety of gaming consoles available for play. While Pengu is proud to offer a Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PCs, this is not the only supported platform. In fact, Nintendo fans can use the Pengu Emulator on their mobile devices! The emulator runs seamlessly and is available on both Android and iOS platforms. Whether you want to play at your home or on the go, Pengu has an emulator available for you!

While there are other websites which claim to have emulators for the 3DS, most of these are simply spam traps. The rest have very basic emulators which lack the proper scripts and plugins to be truly functional. Pengu Emulators is the only site which offers a working 3DS emulator on the web. The Pengu site experts have been working tirelessly for the past year to ensure this emulator is the best available for gaming fanatics worldwide.

If you are interested in using the Pengu Emulator, you can start by visiting nintendo3dsemulator.de. After initially visiting the Pengu website, users will be prompted to download the emulator onto their designated device. This download is followed by a very short installation process. Within minutes, Nintendo lovers will be able to enjoy the large selection of games provided by Pengu Emulator.

Nintendo fans are encouraged to visit the Pengu Emulator website immediately. While other websites may try to trick gamers with spam and ineffective emulators, Pengu Emulator is proud to offer over 100 functional Nintendo 3DS games instantly. Don’t waste your time. Start gaming instantly with Pengu!

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