SlabbKiosks Acquires Phoenix Kiosk, KioCall Videoconferencing Software released

Member News – SlabbKiosks Continues its fast growth while KioWare addresses telehealth and telemedicine markets with videoconferencing.

EASTLAKE, CO – 2/14/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — In member news for the Kiosk Industry, SlabbKiosks continues its fast growth with the purchase of Phoenix Kiosk and also Red Dot Net.

“We are very excited about the new additions to the company which will allow us to extend our product line by including the current kiosk models of both companies. It will be a great benefit to our customers as they can now choose from a wider selection of high quality kiosk designs along with superior support, sales and management from the experienced and dedicated team at SlabbKiosks” stated President Peter te Lintel Hekkert.

In the video conferencing software market, Kiosk Industry sponsor KioWare announced their new KioCall video conferencing software. Controlled video conferencing is becoming a critical element in many markets including telehealth and telemedicine markets and KioWare makes it easy.

From Jim Kruper President of KioWare, “KioCall is a game changer for adding video conferencing capabilities to your kiosk. With KioCall, video conferencing is reliable and robust while also extremely inexpensive and requires trivial effort to add to your device.”

About SlabbKiosks 
SlabbKiosks is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of cost effective, interactive kiosks. The company has installed and customized interactive kiosks for thousands of clients in over 150 countries and distinguishes itself from the competition by offering the latest in technological advancements including the wireless kiosk, while utilizing high quality components with designs that facilitate quick and efficient maintenance of their units.

About KioWare
KioWare kiosk software secures your application or website on Windows or Android devices, restricting user access to approved behaviors and protecting user and network data.  KioWare is fully customizable and offers solutions ranging from browser lockdown to full server-based kiosk management. KioWare team is based in York, Pennsylvania, with an office located in Reading, UK. 

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