2017 International Day of Happiness kick-off March 18th, by Edwin Edebiri, Chief Happiness Officer

SACRAMENTO, CA – 2/14/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — “Let’s Build A Happier World” says Edwin Edebiri – This is the quote that drives the remarkable 2017 International Day of Happiness. This event, hosted by Happy Neighborhood Project, will be celebrated on March 18 in Sacramento, California, USA. There’s more to see and experience so don’t miss out on this special day!

March 20th is set aside to remind everyone that happiness is a fundamental goal.  With this in mind, the United Nations calls upon all countries to come up with ways that could take the well-being of people into a newer height. By means of designating a special happiness day, the United Nations aims to focus the world’s attention to the idea that there should be a balanced, equitable and balanced economic growth for everyone. By observing happiness, it opens door for positive and sustainable development. Additionally, environmental and social well-being must be accompanied by global happiness.

This day of happiness will start from 10 to 2pm. Everyone is welcome to attend, Several speakers will provide different tips to promote and sustain happiness at work, at home and within the entire community. The event will be free so even those with a tight budget can attend.

The event is open to those 16 or older. Whether a business owner, a professional or a non-profit director, any that attend the event will surely witness a remarkable transformation on how they perceive happiness. The Happy Neighborhood Project also encourages parents, teachers, community organizers, grandparents and volunteers to come and feel the bliss of happiness on this memorable day.

As long as one desires to be happy, they are welcome to come mingle with like-minded people. There will be many worthwhile activities to experience that would surely spur the realization that increased happiness could make a difference in anyone’s life. Everyone can take a break from the problems and setbacks of life and join the whole world in celebrating this highly-anticipated day.

Edebiri believes that, “The best way to spread happiness is to be happy.” Everyone can fill their hearts with laughter and joy during the celebration of the International Day of Happiness with the Happy Neighborhood Project. The plan is to make it a day of renewed happiness with a new perception of a happier life ahead.

For more information, visit http://dayofhappiness2017.eventbrite.com


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