Aid for the blind and visually impaired people

– Jim Green, reporter

Different, Alone, Confused, insecurity. These are just some blind and visually impaired people feel when they try to live by themselves such as walk alone without guide dog or cane. 

There are about 285 million visually impaired people around the world, including 39 million people suffering blindness. They live and travel inconveniently. Especially in the new place, blind people usually can’t go out independently. 

So, for blind and visually impaired people, do you want to walk alone all by yourself? It is not necessary to be guided by a guide dog. 

Here is the AngelEye glasses, developed by NextVPU Co., Ltd, it’s a kind of smart glasses that can assist the blind and visually impaired people walk outside independently and perceive the world conveniently. 

This equipment is based on the most advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence technology, the goal is to assist visually impaired to perceive the world conveniently in an indoor/outdoor environment. 

The Team of NextVPU Co.,Ltd have met many blind people to learn the information of their daily life. According to the demands of blind people, it seems that Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision can make some help according to the demands of blind people. So they developed the “AngelEye” smart glasses, which is the world ‘s first smart glasses to assist the blind and visually impaired person walk outside independently and visual perception such as object recognition. 

The glasses are light and fashion. There is an inbuilt stereo camera module that can collect and analyze the pavement and obstructions. The glasses output the results of the analysis through audio. Different sounds mean different angle in front of the user,and different pitches mean different distances. Users can construct an environment in mind by such audio to perceive the world and walk outside independently. 

During the development, they arranged a large number of testing sessions for visually impaired people to try it out, then improved on the product to make it more comfortable and user-friendly. Surprisingly, feedback is better than they thought originally. “I can get a quick sound of alert by using this AngelEye smart glasses, so that walk outside all by myself without guide dog and cane–I feel less dependent and more relaxed,” said Mr Cai, who is totally blind since he was born. and Ms Di, who is very good at running but lost the sight due to tumor, can even run along in the track with the glasses. 

This AngelEye smart glasses is a really cool product, and could be very helpful to many people. If you are interested in their product or technology, you can contact them by the website of or the page on facebook , and here is the website of crowdfunding on indiegogo:

I like the idea to use high-tech to improve people’s living quality, and will watch them closely in the future.

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