Californian Food And Safety Instruction School Re-Launches Certification Lessons

San Pedro, CA – Food safety instruction and certification schooling enterprise, Bilingual Food Handlers School, announce they have re-launched their food safety care preparation and handling certification lessons offered online or at their client’s premises. These lessons are in response to strict laws that make it a requirement for food vendors to obtain food handler cards or food safety certification for eatery managers.

“The team of bilingual food handling school experts has wide hands-on experience in the food and restaurant industry.” The Bilingual Food Handlers School spokesperson says. “With professional attention coupled with the convenience of online certification food handling instructions, restaurant and eatery employees and other food handlers have excellent sources of instruction material for obtaining food handling cards and certification. That way, they are able to comply with the strict food laws that operate in the State of California.”

This enterprise interprets success as an application of the food safety knowledge learned at the institution each day while the learner is at work or at home, and not merely the passing of a food safety examination or obtaining food-handling certification online. The firm has put in place state of the art technology geared towards taking food-handling courses to their clients’ fingertips. This is with the use of easy to understand modules masterfully laid out. In addition, the institution places great emphasis and responsibility in the provision of food safety awareness. This means that they are in business to educate and to make the world a safer place. California is inhabited by diverse societies, creating the need for bilingual modules that are on offer through this enterprise.

California has set stringent food handling regulation as part of state law. These laws ensure safe practices as far as food handling goes, for those who prepare and serve food of every type. These laws are also in place because this state has a border with Mexico and serves as the western gate to the United States from the Pacific. A set of these regulations is set to ensure that food served anywhere within the state is prepared under guidelines the makes certain the food is safe. This is because the diverse cultures have their respective approaches in handling food, depending on their country of origin, with some countries placing little concern in food handling.

If you handle or prepare food for whatever reason in California, you must complete a food safety course. This applies to food trucks, employees, managers, or owners. For more information, you can contact Bilingual Food Handlers School ( using the details listed below.

Bilingual Food Handlers School is located at 1379 Park Western Drive Suite 307 in San Pedro, CA (90732).

The company can be contacted via phone at (310) 413-9803 or at their website

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