LifePower: A Fantastic Working Team with Backpacks

Chasing freedom, originated from the power of life.

As a team known as “Life Power”, we have too many titles: the most professional supplier of team building solutions in Asian-Pacific region; the coolest iCloudwork team worldwide, but we only want to retain the initial orientation given to ourselves: free walkers with backpack.

Life power stems from freedom, to cheer for free life. Life Power team has continuously explored new patterns within the past decade, and built the framework-iCloudwork step by step, which was born for freedom: it not only furthest broke through the restriction of traditional office mode, but kept cohesive force and creativity for the team perfectly. Life power icouldwork lays the concept of 4A and 5F at its core.


1. Anyone

We have a team including staffs from everywhere, which never sticks at region, culture, background and education background. Extremely flat organizational structure makes everyone try their best to serve clients. Our clients include Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, HP, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Canon, IKEA, Kodak, Philips, Citibank, Google & Flex, Lane Crawford, Hugo Boss, Cartier, Converse. As Pelé said, the best goal is always the next one, you are expected to be our next best client.

2. Anywhere

Workplace is anywhere and ubiquitous, almost all team members shuttle in clouds in reality. Chinese mainland, Southeast Asia, even Japan, Korea, Europe and America, we will be there as long as you need us. (What? Outer space? We have our own ways to get there if needed!)

We have an excellent collaborative office software to assist partners of Lifepower for cooperation and communication at any given time and place, while contributing to the coordination between long-distance administration and reimbursement of Lifepower. Besides, the unification of organizational structure, company process, system management and collaborative office software makes our iCloudwork more unprecedentedly effective and timely!

3. Anytime 24/7 be ready at all times

Action is the first priority. Task-based work makes us allocate work and life time more freely.

Both 24/7 ready for orders, and 24/7 freedom. With ultra-long standby time, and loose & tight management, we can enjoy the warming-up coffee at early morning and repeatedly taste company’s leisure afternoon tea, always fighting for freedom at any moment, to exchange the most unashamed free time with the best service.

Travelling bag and tent are the necessities for teams with backpack. Enjoy work, as well as life, at any time and any place.

4. Anyway

This is an attitude also a courage, rather than working hard in a negative way. Because we reserve no energy and consideration, we are able to spark all the potential and efforts for the sake of our clients. Our tram has experienced snow-mountain adventure, prompt drop at tiankeng, cheese climbing, sailing on the sea, jungle adventure, river tracing on foot, and cycling from Sichuan to Tibet, every step proves determination and courage that we try our best to arrive at the destination together.

With company’s education of risk-taking culture and wild nature, all difficulties and dangers have become the stepping-stone of opportunities and achievements for us. If you have any problems during the service, please give us all of them. We will make you understand what a kind of team building company we are by varieties of abilities for overcoming difficulties.


1. Family

The best welfare a company can offer to employees is more time at home. Lifepower’s shared vision is every employee here is allowed to spend more time with family washing the dishes, chatting with parents and accompanying the children. Even at the workplace there are homelike small yard, trees, grass, twitter and floral fragrance.

Our yearning for freedom is also from the responsibility to family, which has been a kind of our expectation to employees. Icloudwork solved the conflict between life and work to a large extent. After the reasonable training, mutual adjustment between working pattern and personal time will have longer-range and continuous development in the future.

2. Flexible

For youngsters, the team building is not that intricate and also not as easy as playing video game at office. The team building in Liferpower contains adventure behavior, environmental ethics, journey planning, history and culture, equipment, outfit, food, camping skills, health and sanitation, navigation, tracing skills, climate, emergency aiding, survival skills, water rescue, special knowledge needed for travel alone, experience and supervision related to leadership, judgement, assessment skill, etc.

Why not to enjoy the wind on the lake? If you feel it is not stimulating enough, let’s go for prompt drop at cliff to enjoy passion with ease and verve and heartbeat in fear and trembling, or we can pass through Nylon Grand Canyon in Yunnan, to Sky Hole for exploration. Most diversifications of our products come from special preference to customized solutions. Based on multiple communication and understanding with clients, we can make adjustments to meet with their requirements to a larger content, and never stand on stiff process and uniform solutions. To be out of comfort zone to challenge new world, no one is more professional than us, we are more innovative than what you thought.

3. Friendship

Lifepower, here you will be awarded with an amazing job and a lot of like-minded friends. With iCloudwork life style, we appreciate the time to be together more than ever. While being together, we always can’t help making unexpected adventures. The relations between team members become much closer by every adventure, as well as much deeper understanding to each other. Although it is adventure, it is also internal team building actually. Partners with such experiences are not only partners, in this way, they will not find pretexts while offering service to clients, but voluntarily contribute themselves to a same goal.

4. Freedom

LIFE POWER has no affliction for KIP, clock-in sprint in the last minute, rigid schedule from nine to five, nor empty speeches of overmany meetings. Yes, we advocate to work freely, rather than digitization of all employee behaviors. Our definition to working standard may be an achievement system, or a horizontal-version game, even a large battle of sand-table live-action strategy. Only the internal impetus is the best working condition, and additionally, factors such as curiosity, option and atmosphere are main factors to determine engagement.

Freedom can furthest reduce external influence, while allowing people to do what they want. With love with gamification thought, we believe it firmly. Do you want to join our game?

5. Fun

Having more time to company your family, numerous fantastic experience, a group of like-minded work partners, and a flexible working time, we can stand higher while seeing farther. Happier we are, more power for moving on we have. Lifepower cherishes a faithful worship to dream and feeling, and to find the response along the path, which is the secret of forever happiness. We expect to pass this feeling to every employee who participates in our team building, maybe this age is not the most relaxing one, but we want to give you a moment most enjoyable and profound.

Compared to persistence of money, we hope to live more valuably. This value comes from consideration of enthusiasm and professional dimension to the work, as well as approval from clients and demand of self-achievement. Work is not mere a means of life or a source of income but a soul that is embedded in your life, associated with your spirit and injects inexhaustible energy into your dream and reality. To make the fresh life more shining, also every moment be worth cheering, we choose this life style due to love, and serve you better and more positively due to such life style. It is the highest respect we can give to society and ourselves. Lifepower, cheers for life!

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