OutNSocial™ Founder Tonie Snell Devotes Life to Diversity – 30 years to Freedom

OutNSocial Founder Tonie Snell sees people as the motivation behind everything she does.  Before she honed in on connecting the dots between disenfranchised groups across America, she sought to pull people together in her own community in Cleveland.

“I always thought it was my job to parent all the children, because they would be the people my children married,” she said.  It was a noble approach, one inspired by her tough journey with her own mother.

Snell’s mother was an addict whose addiction led the family through abuse and homelessness, among other things.  At a young age, Snell realized that she had to be a caregiver for both her siblings and her own parent.

“There was something already in me that said ‘you’ve got to cover this’,” she said.  Her take charge attitude and inherent sense of responsibility inspired her to become entrepreneurial as early as 8 years old.  That same hustle she developed as a child followed her into adulthood.

As a mother of 5 children, she knew she had to provide for them.  At the center of her desire to succeed was her family.  She started out working at University Hospital, a 24-hour employer that afforded her the opportunity to take care of her children 5 days a week and see them off to school while still earning a living.  She sacrificed her nights and weekends to make sure her family was taken care of.

But working solely for her family without any enjoyment in her job took its toll.  After taking a month-long vacation, Snell found herself crying as she ironed her scrubs and prepared for work.  It was in that moment that she found clarity and knew she couldn’t return to the hospital.  She quit without knowing what would come next.  But fate intervened and steered her toward business.

During her time at the hospital, she’d become heavily involved with a local Cleveland church.  After helping to sell ads for her pastor’s Anniversary Souvenir Book, she was offered an ad sales job at Urban Gospel News.  UGN turned out to be sham, but Snell’s business sense wasn’t.

She went on to create her own gift basket business called Personal Touches, which offered an individualized approach to the usual gift basket alternatives.  After collapsing Personal Touches, she was picked up as a lead generator for resume database company EmployOn.  She quickly moved up the ladder, transitioning into sales and then taking over her own sales team.

“[The role] started something in me that I didn’t know existed.”  From there, she worked steadily as a freelance recruiter for nearly 15 years.  However, a chance negative encounter with a Fortune 500 company led her to her crowning achievement.  She’d recently come out as a lesbian and sat before an executive who unabashedly trashed another gay recruiter, unaware that Snell herself was gay.

After shedding some frustrated tears, she created 360HR to combat discrimination and inclusivity in hiring practices.  The company started in a small office in Cleveland, but demand around the country required 365HR to expand quickly.  Now, the cloud-based company is a go-to hiring solution for major companies all over America.

During Snell’s ascent through the business and recruiting worlds, she developed an affinity for tech.  She’d purchased the domain for OutNSocial years before but let it lie dormant, even rejecting offers for sale, waiting for the right moment to spring into action.  The moment came in the aftermath of Decision 2016.

For Snell, her mission of inclusion is only continuing to gain traction.  With tremendous interest behind OutNSocial (over 100K signups for early access), it seems this startup, tech project may be the culmination of her life’s experiences and professional pursuits. 

At the core of OutNSocial and Snell’s current focus in her life is freedom.

“What I want to leave behind when I transition to the next life is to leave people with the freedom to live their own truth,” she said.  “I’m going to use every moment I have to help someone else, people, companies…It’s about moving diversity forward to inclusion”.

On the surface, OutNSocial is a digital solution to finding the true value in our social media connections.  But at the center of it all is a powerful, free woman focused on doing what’s right for everyone.  Every click, every swipe of OutNSocial will be powered by connection, by love, by freedom.

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