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Family disputes are always complex matters; however an attorney who is versed in the art of conflict resolution can make all the difference and make the process a little more bearable.

Family Law is possibly one of the most complicated areas in law and it encompasses a wide variety of issues including divorce, custody battles and adoption. Family is the cornerstone institution of modern society; it is vital to protect it in every aspect of social life but especially within the legal system where every member stands in equal terms before a judge. The complexity of Family Law arises from the sheer complexity of a family dispute itself, in fact the whole branch of law was created because family disputes look unsolvable and legal representation is needed to insure that no party walks away feeling like an injustice was done to them. Not only is family a complicated matter by itself but also it is complicated further by the emotions at play in every family dispute, it is very likely (especially when dealing with divorce cases) that at least one person is feeling hurt during a family dispute and as such will be more likely to act irrationally.

A good family law attorney is not only well versed in the Law according to the book but is also understanding of the complex and taxing situation the family finds itself in and will be able to help solve dispute in the best possible way and ensure that the person they are representing see justice done. The art of conflict resolution has been a long-time passion for Pamela Breedlove and has studied and practiced it for over twenty years with a special focus on family disputes, which has given her all the necessary tools to make sure that a resolution is passed quickly and without the family having to sacrifice anything.

A family law attorney needs to be skilled and knowledgeable enough to deal with every single issue that may arise when representing a family. They also need to be prepared to deal with the high emotions that are likely to be involved throughout the process. A professional in conflict resolution like Pamela Breedlove will be aware of the need to understand and protect her client’s interests as well as making sure that they are in a good emotional place to withstand the process. This sort of professionalism is what ensures that a settlement is reached and that the family dispute can be resolved in accordance to their best interests. A combatant lawyer will be hard pressed to achieve anything in situations such as this.

A lot of family Law’s focus is on children, therefore it is vital that you find an attorney who understand s the child’s needs as well as one who understands that listening to the child’s concerns can make all the difference in a dispute. This is especially true when abuse is suspected, it is not unusual to find that nobody listens to the child while the dispute is going on; however, a good attorney will have the child’s best interest at heart. Pamela Breedlove can provide the expertise and comfort that dealing with a child deserves.

About Pamela Breedlove

Pamela N. Breedlove (, known as Pam, was licensed in Georgia and Louisiana in 1992. For years she focused on litigation with special emphasis on medical malpractice defense and family law. Currently she performs her duties as City Attorney General for the City of Grambling.

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